Eldarium Barbeque

I was disappointed to find that those leyshrine braziers don’t cook anything other than my precious eldarium. It’s fire, isn’t it? Couldn’t I roast some haunch over it? Or anything else for that matter? The Accursed, if anyone, should know what recipes can only be achieved over the green flickering heat of a decaying eldarium flame.


Fancy green seasoning. Caution. May cause hair loss, nausea.

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I think you’re making assumptions that may not apply in this environment. Consider any reaction that you know could produce green flames. Now consider what the Gods of the Outer Dark might produce.

Barium, off the top of my head. :grin:

There are plenty of minerals in real life that are too toxic or radioactive to be in proximity to, let alone handle. But if you can stand over the fumes of burning eldarium without any ill effect, can you assume that food cooked in those fumes would be worse?

Besides, if food grilled over an open coal fire isn’t less healthy for my character, then Hyborian age people must have some tolerance.

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