Elder Vault difficulity

This might be only personal experience but i find it that at a certain lvl of gear the elder vaults become way too easy to plow through… to a point where it becomes tedious duty that might bore the players out of the game.

I suggest a simple solution… use the same mechanic that is used to increase a power of the summoned surge.

Before u enter the dungeon you put the Swirling Chaos inside some altar… increasing the damage and health of mobs inside the vault. That way it can be absolutely optinional to increase the difficulity just to offer some better geared team of players to still feel challenged. As of term of reward you can pump up the chest at the end with more Eldarium.

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Unfortunately, it can’t be done with the tech they have. The version of UE4 that they use doesn’t support instancing.

Does any version of unreal or unity support that?

hmmm this is actually possible all they would need to do is to make all mob spawn inside of dungeon to have a tag say Dungeon X and then all actor of tag could find them and upgrade them and then make them harder… you dont need instancing as this would happen very fast.

You know, I’m not even sure. I remember that Robert said “we don’t have instance tech”, and for some reason my brain stored that as “UE version problem”. But you’re right, he didn’t blame it on the version. Here’s the link to the dev stream recap:

Ya, don’t think it’s a UE4 version issue. More of a, they don’t have the instance tech and would need to make it, and have reasons to devote their resources (time, manpower, money, sacrificing other features) to doing so.

I could be wrong on this part, but I have a feeling that utilizing instance tech would also require more than one server.

But it may not need instance tech at all, like Dragoon suggests. Still wouldn’t be plug and play or “simple” as there are various situations to consider.

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well they have tech to randomly spawn mobs after you empower the leyshrine, depending on the swirling chaos ammount the mobs get harder… this could be just the same system

instead of thralls it would spawn additional stronger mobs inside the dungeon, dont need to be instanced… just add to what is already there

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Yeah, but like you said, the difficulty of the surge depends on the amount of the swirling chaos you put in. For the vaults to work like that, you would have to put something into something else, which means that this dynamic difficulty increase would be completely optional.

Not that I have anything against that – it sounds like a good idea. Heck, if they made it so that you can put in some (???) essence into the vault to make it tougher and give better rewards, that would make things more interesting.

This would be great. That would give players a lot of flexibility. That being said, without instancing, what’s to prevent another player from putting chaos in while I’m in there?

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That should be simple enough: put the chaos in the receptacle before you step onto the first pressure plate, and that consumes the chaos and preparse the dungeon.

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