Elevator Crushing

Elevators should crush players, or NPCs, that stand beneath the cage when it’s lowered.
That’s my suggestion.

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I’m gonna go for this because that is what i would expect it to do anyway.

Sorry, but I kindof disagree… I mean, sure, that elevator cage doesn’t look light, but I feel like it would be no more then a nuisance pinning you down at most, not a life threatening device. If it was a piston or gear driven device instead of being lowered by verry flexible ropes, or if the thing weighed as much as a car, then sure. But this type of thing could literally just be pushed aside IRL unless the ropes snapped and it fell on you full force. XD

Hmm okay. But what if it was carrying someone that had 20,000 stone in their inventory?
You can already crush players by carrying a lot and jumping on them.

If it’s enough to kill a person by crushing, then the bigger question should be, how are you even carrying it? XD

That’s a question better left for the developers!

Even if I disagree with it, I won’t deny that it would be cool though.

It’s not like it’d be a very practical weapon. Though it would be funny to see people building elevators out on the battlefield, attempting to crush their enemies.

The Elevator Wars

I was thinking it would be a good way to execute thralls that prove disappointing, and perhaps clan members…

Although much less entertaining, I feel like being able to put thralls back into item state, returning anything they previously had on them to your bag would solve that issue and many others.

True. But if we could do that, we could more easily carry an entire army in our inventories.
Carry 30 thralls with full sets of gear for each of them and deploy 'em wherever you want.

We already can, but that’d make it even easier.

I honestly don’t see that as a bad thing though. I mean, what’s wrong with a barbarian being a warlord leading an army of thralls? Sounds right to me. The whole “carrying them on your back” bit is admitedly odd though…

Maybe it could be seen as the “heavy responsibilities of a leader”? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Barbarian! What is best in life?

To craush yaur enemes beeneath an elevatuh