Elevators Call Chain

Here’s an idea;
Why not put the call chain in the same spot on both floors? I swear the way it is is just plain stupid. It’s always accessable on one floor but not the other when I place the elevator in a corner (which is the logical place for an elevator because it’s out of the way, at least for me it is.) I don’t know why it’s how it is now but it leaves me stuck on one floor or the other because I can’t get the elevator to return because the call cahin is buried in the wall somewhere.

It would be so much easier if the call chain was in the same corner on the top and bottom. Then I would not have to guess where the heck it was going to be on the bottom floor when I place it from the top. Placement could also be made a bit easier too btw. You can only seem to rotate it 2 ways, 4 would be better.


I agree. Make another version of the elevator with the call chain on the same side and its done.