Elevators connect "grids"?

So, for the purposes of purge spawns… Imagine having a column of rock with an inaccessible surface on top you can build on. Because it has no foot access, if you built on it, the purge would spawn in your base. But if there was a cliff beside it which did have foot access, and I built my defensive entrance on top of that cliff, connecting it to my main structure via a horizontal lift, would that lift connect the two and make it all one structure? Hope this makes sense.


I’m pretty sure it would, yes. It did the few times I’ve tried it.

But, there is literally nowhere to hide. There isn’t a place where purge dudes won’t spawn. Oddly I built on the cliffs like I think you are suggesting, and sometimes the purge spawned in the base, sometimes in front of the base, sometimes on top of the base LOL, and sometimes at the bottom of the cliffs where they just timed out and never reached our base at all - which is why I think the lower platform connects the two.

@Wak4863 made a video long ago how to create an “anchor” so the purge won’t spawn inside your base, I don’t know if this video is outdated, either if purge mechanics are the same since this video is done. But I don’t build this way anymore, I lost so many things through stability issues filling with frustration my gaming hours, so I build only safe. Watch however the video if you want.
What I really want horizontal elevators to do is to allow me to continue building attached to the elevator



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I’m pretty sure it was a live stream. Iirc we had varying results of getting the purge to spawn inside and outside of the base.

But essentially the test showed that there had to be connection pillars didn’t work as connection as well as foundations.

But it’s not guaranteed that if you build a platform at ground level that they will spawn there. They may still spawn in your base.


Yeah, my experiences with about 25 purges, 20+ on my other server and 3 here, is that it’s random and nothing I do can change anything. It seems to me that the server randomly chooses some points above your claim by one block, and drops a hoard there. If that point one block up is above your roof they spawn on your roof, if it’s out in the woods they spawn there. If you have a high ceiling it may even be inside the base itself. After they spawn they use the standard attack AI but instead of it just being a player or follower like usual, targets also include anything you own. There seem to be priorities too but it’s hard to explain what they will go for first and when, as it’s conditional too.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve observed. I could totally be spacing out and have it all wrong too though. :astonished:

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