Elevators should kill

Have you ever taken a good look at the bottom of an elevator? It looks like some kind of trap from an Indiana Jones movie. It is an iron frame (probably weighing a good 200 lbs or more) with spikes on the bottom. If that thing came down on you in real life you would be grated cheese. It should kill you in game.

It would be a hilarious anti-Purge weapon: set up elevators along your base walls, then when the enemies come to attack your walls, just run along the top of your wall and press elevator buttons to squish all bad guys.


This is a great idea. One more trick to the book.

But only if the guys were alt-tabbed AFK or role-playing a Guard in Dr Evils army. … sorry you’ll have to google that clip yourselves.

I do believe that this is a thing… I’ve gotten killed by standing under a elevator… not sure though

I can’t speak for the multitude of mods out there but I have tested it and in a vanilla setting they do not kill.

yeah, I use mods but I don’t have a “fatal” elevator’s mod lol…

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