Elite shellback op loot

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

idk if its rly bug, but elite version of shellback adds over 120 deamon blood /mined with steal axe/
wich is little bit much, idk about other animals as i flew from jaguar wich rekt me xD

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I agree, most of the elite creatures in the desert give way too much d.blood.
And then you have an elite wolf in the north who never drops anything… :frowning:

Good point, @Zajczev, and I see the same thing Both private online and solo on my computer.

Around level 20 (online) I ran into boss hyenas dropping things like advanced weapon kits, alchemicals, but mostly demon blood. By level 30 I only keep 45 and throw the rest away since they are so plentiful.

It seems they were quite rare before but the changes went too far. It’s easy to throw things away, but those slots could be used for other things. Game design is a series of choices meant to (partially) please the customer. Funcom seems to let the pendulum swing too far IMO in many cases.

Personally, I would rather see massive quantities of bark, if you can believe that. I am so tired of farming bark it’s becoming tedious, tiresome. Oddly enough farming wood and stone and iron, especially in dangerous areas seems, to calm and interest me at the same time.

Bark? I’m spending 25%ish of my gametime trying to keep up. Since the change to the basic carpenter’s bench removed that as a by-product (which also gave too much bark). There does not seem to be a middle ground on more and more of the reactive changes.

Don’t get me wrong, the changes are good. They are headed in the right direction, addressing things that are too easy, require no thought, and limit enjoyment of discovery and perseverance. But that damn bark …

Anyhow, TLDR: too much demon blood, very low/bad bark drop rate.

Have a good game !


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The most funny thing is in the Jungle biome. There are some demons listening to their master with an iron bowl on its belly. Now it is marked as “elite” (one skull). I killed it and got NO d. blood at all! Paradox…

Got an address? I’d like to see that.

My thing is a beach in J5, with 7 hyena and 3-4 croc spawns in a relatively small area. Finding that, I set up pen(s) at the west end. About every other spawn run I get one elite and pick up 3-4 pups, along with enough meat and hide to overflow. Averaging 1 greater hyena per pen keeps all my bases defended from purges. I have to hide them away (enclose a room, break wall later) when I want to purge-thrall-hunt.

Solo only, since you can’t get 15 pets in one room online.

Fun times.

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Not all single-skulls are elites. Elites are normal creatures that spawned tougher than normal. If a skulled creature always spawns in the same spot, it is not an elite, it is a boss.

The “demon” with an iron bowl on its belly is the Imp King at the Eastern Barracks. He is not an elite, he is just a boss.


Thanks for that, @Tephra, I’m over there now, sorta (Pagoda).

How to distinguish? Is an elite one of the new things that sometimes spawn where normal stuff used to?



Blues eyes are elites (which are larger then others, often have slight color tone change, (some don’t)
Note, Dragons have glowing red/blue eyes, but carry skull tag.

Agree with demon blood., you get way to much, It should be like like dragon horns, were you get 1 per whack(when it triggers) I’ve gotten quite a few potions to… and there often reset ons with 2-3min timers, lol.

On the hyenas, I learned to be a sniper since my pet steals my XP. 4 spawn in range, but out of my pet’s range, so I whack away with iron arrows (mid level, here). The problem is, I’m too far away to gaze into his eyes, nor do I have a desire to :wink:

The ones that spawn and take more than two arrows, and often drop what you describe. Those are termed ‘elites’?

Along the same lines, what @Tephra described as ‘just a boss’ implies for a given area, the elites are tougher than the bosses, or is that too broad a generalization?

It is probably true for single-skull bosses, but triple-skull bosses will be stronger than any elite.

Same with greater hyena

Normal enemy - normal stats

Elite - damage is high, health is decent increase, Has skull on health bar. (blue eyes) Will replace normal enemy of same type.

Boss, Like above, minus blue eyes. Are sitting in one spot. (relic hunters added in nameless city, “adventures” “raiders” You find skeletons enemies label with bar. Some of them have smedges of more health, or alot.

Relic Item Boss, (or story boss if you want) Tyros Deathbringer, Witch Queen etc.

World Boss, Damage is high or just insane, and health pool is way hell up there. Almost all of them drops keys.
Thou, there several added to Nameless City, that dont drop keys, but drop shards of power.

As for elites.
Shellback, larger, darker color.
Croc, Larger, seem be no color change.
Hyena, they come in 2 color tones. But they’ll be about 1.5 size of normal hyena.
Wolves, about 1.5 size.
White wolf, slight size difference, Very hard to see blue eyes, But when you get hit, you’ll know. XD

Small and large Dragons have Boss tag, and have blue/red eyes naturally. And it changes depending on angle.

Birds. (ones in jungle) grey tone, and about x2 size.

Snakes (big ones) blues eyes, hard tell size change.

Most of other enemies, I havnt seen blue eye, or only one. Didnt get a good size comparison on them to really comment.

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White jaguar can spawn with blue eyes and 1 shoot 70% HP xD

Hey there,

We’ll send note to the Elitexiles Blood Bank to perform extractions more often.
Thanks for the feedback.


Great list, @Sera67, thank you. I copied the info over to my notes on the game and it will help me.

Thanks !


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