Elite Thrall Slaving

Hello exiles, a thought came to me, as it may many of you, while I was bashing skulls and taking names through the pirate cove, that we may one day be able to break elite thralls. Restrictions could be implemented to allow only being able to place one elite thrall within a certain radius. Any thoughts or if this has been discussed in the past feel free to direct me to that discussion. I did a search and wasn’t able to find a thread specific to this particular topic.

Hello and welcome to our community. :v:t4::grin:

In the past you could tame the elite Thralls, but this was taken out with time.
There are some that you can still tame, but these have little life, instead of 13500hp these have only 1800hp.

Thank for the kind words and being so welcoming. Well, I hope they are able to re-enable elite thralls capturing, besides the exceptions you mentioned. I feel the normal and named thralls are far too easy to kill, even at level 20+ they get put down easily. I understand that depending on the faction they have higher stats etc, but being able to defend your base from other players, I feel thralls should play a bigger part.

It’s definitely a challenge on PvP servers that you can’t really get high-tier Thralls at the southern half of the map, except at Sepermeru, which can be a tough place for a low-level player, and is probably also crawling with high-level players of competing clans. But those high-level players can still attack your bases in the south, even though your defensive options agaisnt them are limited.

The rumored “thrall leveling system” may be able to fix this problem eventually, but right now, your best chance is to sneak into Sepermeru and “convince” a local to join your cause.


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