Elric of melnibone and the young kingdoms dlc/game

Has this been thought of? He does appear in some of the 70s comics and the young kingdoms could be a great fit with conan lore.

I hope not. Even if crossovers between Michael Moorcock’s world with Robert E. Howard’s creations may be interesting, it’s best to keep the two IPs separate because they don’t coexist in either creator’s official canon.

Plus it would mean yet another licenced IP for Funcom to juggle with.

They can’t coexist in either creator’s official canon. Two-gun Bob shot himself 3 years before Moorcock’s birth. And when Moorcock was writing Elric’s stories, the IP of all Howard’s creation was not close to be public domain, so he couldn’t have borrowed anything from Conan.

You know that there are comics featuring both characters from the 70s onwards.

It isn’t because some comics used any kind of character from fantasy books to sell more without any respect for their author’s work, that CE should be as disrespectful of both Conan and Elric.

Yes. There are crossover comics of a lot of things, including Donald Duck and Lord of the Rings, but that doesn’t mean they should be taken as anything more than one-time fun stuff. There are no anthropomorphic ducks in sailor suits in the “real” Middle-Earth.

The Conan comics and movies are secondary canon at best, and some of them get pretty far from the original material, thematically, and may contradict with the original material. Funcom, and anyone using the Conan IP, needs to take care that they stick within acceptable limits of using that IP. When Monolith made their Conan board game they hired an expert to make sure they didn’t break any Howardian canon. Funcom has already used secondary canon sources, such as the movies, as part of their game, but they’re being careful with it.

More’s the pity. There’s nothing that’s not improved by anthropomorphic ducks. Quack!

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