El's Drinker legendary sword

So, as it says in the description “This sword seems to drain additional life from the enemy with every hit, soaking it into the very surface of the sword.”

Whats the deal ? It doesn’t seem to heal with the hits, but I guess it should do more damage, I may be missing something, does this sword has the effect it says on the description?

I haven’t played around with it much so I can’t say for certain, but it certainly wouldn’t be the only legendary weapon with a confusing or misleading description…according to the one for the Bane of Khosatral Khel, this is a crescent-shaped blade:

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Isnt that the one it gives +5 on str ?

So it is.

I just found it amusing that the model in no way matches its descripton (in the game or the story it’s from).

Or does durability not decrease as fast, or increase after a good hit, this could be fun.

Or some combo-strikes, stacking up effects ?
There is a while i did hold it in my hand, so don’t remember exactly.
Some descriptions are strange, or not fitting really. To check of course.

It’'s an easter egg item. The description is older than the legendary weapon system. This is meant to refer to stormbringer, the black soul drinkin sword that elric wields.

So, its a legendary sword with no specialty at all? No bonus attributes, and no effect, it should at least do a vampiric dmg as it says in the description.

I don’t know… I am just explaining the descriptions motivation.

Blood and souls for my lord Arioch!

Glad to see someone still knows about Elric (and the Eternal Champion in general). :slight_smile:


I didnt mean any offense, thanks for the clarification, I just brought this up here because this weapon seems obsolete near the others, specially the ones from the UC.

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