Elysium New EU PVE Server 23rd May (25 Slot)

Hi all, after searching around a bit I couldn’t find a server that exactly suited me and playing solo is not the same so I’ve made my own.

I invite you to join Elysium. It’s close to vanilla PVE settings with 1.5x gathering and item durabilty. My aim with this server is to keep a mostly similar to official server experience with slightly less grind. I’ve installed a couple of quality of life improving mods too. You’ll need to subscribe to them in Steam Workshop to join.

Pickup Crafting Items - let’s you move the crafting stations without having to rebuild them.
Swift Elevator - elevators move at 4x speed.

The server is London based, dedicated and paid up for a full year, I will extend that further if people are still playing. I’m also open to suggestions to improve things further such as extra mods etc. Everyone is welcome, hoping for some fun times and crazy bases!

Just search Elysium in the server browser, remember to tick ‘Show Server’s with Mods’.

How many people are playing on the server?

Server just opened today, it’s empty barely have laid the foundations of my own base :smiley:

I will try and get some of my WoW guildies to join to get the community started.