Email funcom and get out of office. Lmao

So I emailed funcom directly thru this site thru there contact list and I get an out of office on vacation response. I now know why they never reply to any message. You all might wanna fix this.

Fix what? they are on vacation for three weeks.

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The joke is on you my friend, it’s true they are on vacation until August.

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Well I missed the part where they went on vacation, but what company takes a vacation and leaves no one to maintain there business. I own my own family business and when I go on vacation I still have people who cover for me while I’m out. You ask “fix what” fix a company that has no cares for there business or customers. An auto reply from an individual instead of a company reply is poor management.

He’s on vacation like normal people will usually do. Community Managers and such are still here.
I think an autoreply letting you know they’re gone is better than none at all for a while. Maybe that’s just me though. You’re welcome to go here and scroll down to “contacts”. If you need something, those are who you can contact. For general gaming issues please report on the forums though.
Taking vacation days as developers is much different than other companies. It has to be thought out and scheduled properly because if the right person is missing at a bad time, it’s no good for us.

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You sound angry :wink: .

When someone is rude and ignorant, anger and sarcasm tend to be the normal responses.

There are numerous posts on the forums about the vacation and an explanation of the vacation.

Nothin but sunshine and rainbows here. :star_struck: