Email service sleep?

wait response 2month… all vacation???

me too bro

2 months only? Then you might have some more waiting to do :smiley:

Only more than one month here…dunno but looks like they are like only few GM’s who are covering most of the games of FC and having focus on priorities where AOC seem to be pretty low in the priority list though and it appears to me that things on AOC side just pile up…seriously I have to wait another month or two like 3-4 months in total having an issue solved? …It’s unbelievable…

That’s exactly how it is, they are a few people trying to cover all the games and yes, AoC is on the low end of the prio list, and if you are non sub, well you can forget about even being close to the list, the last few tickets me and some others I know about have had to wait between 2-4 months for something to happen.
So if it’s a game breaking problem you have I hope you have something else to play or do, the wait will be real.

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