Embertale (18+, RP-PvP) Savage Wilds - Custom Hyborian Lore!

“The Savage Wilds sat far beyond the reaches of men, the civilizations of humanity, and any manner of conquest that pushed the rule of Hyborian Kings or Queens. An expanse littered with ever enticing ancient secrets that peeked into ages long past, dark magics that tainted the very ground itself, otherworldly monstrosities bound to this realm, and artifacts that crested into the heavens to pluck at the strength of the Gods.”

Embertale (18+, RP-PvP) Savage Wilds - Custom Hyborian Lore!

Come navigate the lands of Savage Wilds with lore based in Hyboria where all manner of evil is feared. Our Custom Lore is championed by your stories!

Created by dedicated Conan Exiles players and long-term Roleplayers with many years of experience, Embertale is meant to be a haven of artistic expression through writing and story crafting with fair-minded staff dedicated to making an environment that’s enjoyable for everyone. We have fantastic modders on our team, a full admin staff ready to help, and a lore expert for all your server lore questions!

We are considered low-fantasy through which most magic is practiced by RP attempts, dice rolling, and active sorcery mechanics for the applicable classes. More classes are in the works and new races are coming soon! Dark Fantasy character concepts are welcome.

PVP/ERP is encouraged but not focused. We are a community of people who love creating stories that make an impact together. We value roleplay hooks that drive plots and result in enduring storylines that have a chance to progress into something amazing. There are rules that are meant to encourage ideal RP conditions, generous starter and daily kits to promote player success, map warps covering major areas around the custom map (Savage Wilds) and character customizations to create realistic player characters.

Server Settings:

XP rate: 7x

Gathering Rate: 3x

Hunger/Thirst settings: 0.1

Drop Equipment on Death: No

God Avatars Enabled: No

Containers Ignore Ownership: No

The Purge Activated: No

Mods List (only 15 items!):

  1. Pippi
  2. Savage Wilds
  3. Exiles Extreme
  4. Thrall Wars Dungeon Mod
  5. Barbarian Barber
  6. Immersive Armor
  7. IQOL
  8. Devious Desires
  9. Roleplay Redux
  10. RA
  11. Fashionist
  12. Embertale RP Server Mod
  13. Less Building Restrictions
  14. Unlock Plus
  15. Custom Classes and Races

The Embertale custom mod includes:

  • Custom items and pets for class system
  • Unique weapons skins
  • Many new place-able items for decorating
  • Unique consumable recipes
  • Socketed stat-crests to replace warpaints (do not break on death!)
  • Removal of bracelets
  • Custom respawn timers
  • And much more!

Check us out on Discord at ۞ 𝐄𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐑𝐏 ۞

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Moving into our second week of events! Both server wide stories being woven together and smaler scale personal clan stories where the admins work together with the players to create the world of Embertale!


Character, Lore, and Story building! Events filled with flexible storylines that are not forced one way or the other. YOU drive the direction and effects.

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