Embertale (18+ RP-PvP)

Embertale (18+, RP-PvP) Custom Hyborian Lore FRESH WIPE

Join us for Chapter 3 where we explore new and exciting challenges in the Exiled Lands! Custom map mods enhance the familiar vanilla features and add diversity and beauty to our stories.


Embertale is a server true to Robert E. Howard lore that incorporates many of his dark fantasy races and concepts into the more vanilla Hyborian lore. Every race has ties to the author’s work as it relates to his Conan stories.
Our rules are meant to encourage ideal RP conditions, starter and daily kits promote player success from the beginning, caravan warps cover major areas around the map and character customizations (IQOL) help create realistic characters for your chosen race.

Server Setting Highlights:
NO drops on death
NO Whitelist
NO Application
Generous XP and Gather Rates

Mods List:

    • Pippi
    • Exiles Extreme
    • Thrall Wars Dungeon Mod
    • Barbarian Barber
    • Immersive Armor
    • IQOL
    • Devious Desires
    • Roleplay Redux
    • RA
    • Fashionist
    • Embertale RP Server Mod
    • Less Building Restrictions
    • Unlock Plus
    • Custom Classes and Races
    • Shani’s Stuff
    • Warrior MUTATOR
    • Northern Timber
    • Darkwoods
    • Underdark

The Embertale custom mod includes:

  • Custom items and pets for class system
  • Unique weapons skins
  • Many new place-able items for decorating
  • Unique consumable recipes
  • Socketed stat-crests to replace warpaint (do not break on death!)
  • Removal of bracelets
  • Custom respawn timers
  • And much more!

Our class system is designed to create a more dynamic abilities structure when combined with races and make your character feel different from others in the world with singular skills, abilities, and recipes. No matter what idea you have, the classes add flavor and provide a unique feel to your character.

There are Civilian Classes, Combat Classes, and Magic Classes to choose from.

SOME Currently Available Classes:

images Warrior

knight-armor-logo-design-medieval-warrior-helmet-vector-37014595 (2) Commander

bow-arrow-icon-bow-arrow-icon-flat-style-design-illustration-99623685 Ranger

download (1) Rogue

necro2 Necromancer

christian-cross-icon-logo-faith-260nw-1708896727 (2) Priest/Priestess

download (2) Mage

healer Healer

images (1) Beastmaster

download Artisan

images (2) Entertainer

download (3) Alchemist

bookicon Scholar

download (4) Builder

merchant Merchant


Moving into our second week of events! Both server wide stories being woven together and smaler scale personal clan stories where the admins work together with the players to create the world of Embertale!


Character, Lore, and Story building!


Server just wiped! New season, new stories being told!

The server mod has had a ton of new custom decorations added, and we’ve added new classes and playable races! Now is the perfect time to come check us out.

New features this season include:

  • Serpentmen and sorcerers now available
  • Entertainer and Herbalist classes now available
  • Quest chain to become werewolves/vampires coming soon
  • Over 200 custom server decorations and build pieces added, all lore appropriate!

Come check out our wonderful little community and say hello! PvP is not a strong focus on our server, so if you are worried about that you can rest easy. We’re more focused on the roleplay :slight_smile:

Check us out here: https://discord.gg/zGqPzW3gse


Great server and even better people. Wish I could post pics of all me good times on this server

We have an active staff with lots of events and all sorts of quests. The Economy and PVP is balanced and our modders are producing some fantastic custom building pieces like functional half walls and gorgeous window panes. Fantastic server for people who are looking for great stories and fun in a Conan Lore setting!

Vampire and Werewolf races were just unlocked! Come join us in the new year!

Great server, well structured. Growing and friendly, come be apart of the fun.

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Fun events happening weekly! Server story that the players drive and decide. Most recent was an egg hunt with a ferocious beast and a dangerous expedition.

I joined your discord but had to restart my PC - once this happened I am no longer able to access as if I have been blocked. Do you have an auto-block where it appears someone has logged into discord but then not done anything?