Embrace The Lag (US Central Modded) PvP-Relaxed

Welcome Exiles!

Our server offers mostly vanilla settings with some minor changes:
Foundation claim block radius, item spoil rate, idle hunger and idle thirst reduced 50%.
Durability has been doubled.

Rules can be found on our discord, https://discord.gg/Jys8wbZ.

The purpose of our rules is to encourage trade, religious wars and RP if people so choose to engage in such things.

We run one mod, LT’s Farming mod, to replace the near non-existent farming in vanilla.

The server was recently wiped following the last major update released by Funcom.

The server is physically owned by yours truly with 1GB Google fiber serving connections. Embrace The Lag is a community of players that hosts multiple servers spanning across several games. If you are looking something new, come on over. We love the company.

Direct connect - IP: