Emissary thralls getting wiped. Warn us with list please

Will it be possible to give us a list of all the effected thralls that will get patched to not be thralls any more.


Is Kisthis Fleshtearer part of these thralls?

I have 5 and would like to save my Silent Legion Sets they have equipped…
Here is the list:

The Watcher Above
Half-Child of Dagon
The Captain Below
The Ritual Keeper
Samar the Blade
Enia the Searcher
Obsun of Hyrkania
Ness of Shem
Moras of the Sands
Hat’She the Mad
Seeker Ophelia
Brandt of Zingara
Brood-Guard Assin
Brood-Guard Issis
Vathis the Hierophant
Emissary of Haon-Dor
Emissary of Tsathoggua

The post by @zerog containing the list and Ignasis reply can be found here:

Probably safe to assume that if you have a Thrall with an insane amount of HP, it probably wasn’t intentional.


Yeah true, but I kinda remember them mentioning my fleshtearer dude in the stream? But his HP is nothing insane, iirc 7250? I just don’t want to lose my stuff on him if he is indeed included in the list, but he seems acceptable to me?

Hmm, ya, I can see concerns. But (and you may have read this already), this is what Ignasis wrote

@Ignasis You may (as a suggestion) want to come up with a full list anyways if you have the time, just for peace of mind for some peeps if nothing else.

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Thought it was pretty clear from the patch notes which thralls would be wiped.

I mean if you have a thrall with 40,500 HP you know that’s getting hit with the wipe.

Named fighter/archers T4 from Volcano are balanced how they should be with 7.4k HP so they won’t be effected.

It’s testlive, so all can happen at each moment. I’m still prepared, and don’t care much about losing stuff.

But sure, for those not wanting some armours and good weapons to poof into thin air, i would simply suggest putting some less wealthy on them in the meantime. :wink:

Why, 2-3 such thralls, and nobody needs foundations and walls, and all that stuff, lot problems solved. :rofl:

So… Emissary Thralls - is that lvl 4 (aka - named) thralls?
If so I have two on my wheel of pain now from New Asgarath… (they are slowly getting ready… very slowly… hope they are not going to be wiped - was hard getting them) :stuck_out_tongue:

Emmissary are the main reason for the wipe, so sorry :frowning:

The full list was posted here by Ignasis.

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It’s like a witsec list, only not

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I want my silent legion set back :cry:
Why did wiped out with all it equip it u could just adjust the thrall only
Ps:yesterday i had it today they wiped it speaking of bad luck :cry:

there was an official notice on all medias, including an in-game one to make sure people are aware. i don’t know which thrall had the gear you lost but if it was one of the 40k ones, then i can hardly believe that you can blame anyone but yourself

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