Emissary Thralls?

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@Hugo so I finally found some good proof that the cheaters where cheating and prob still messing room up some how. So I looted one of there decayed locations and what do I find in some boxes? Emissaries, I don’t know how they caught them or how I would even put them down because when I tried they just died. The room keeps acting up after certain time yet the other 2 accounts on server make it on past 5pm some how still. Anyways just thought I’d put that out there, I’m still slowly creeping around room but until when? #TheLastOfTheReal


They die do to a change long ago. There was a lot of npcs brought into the game almost all the unique one where not mean to be broken but the patch that fixed it can not erase them from so when placing them they will die as they are not meant to be broken so they may still have thralls that cannot be place with out death


Thats not cheating at one time you could break them They are Pre patched thralls that were broken when you could break them however they patched them out and you can’t place them any more and any of them that were placed were killed. They had a list of names that would go away and you had to remove the weapons and armor bc they were going to disappear.


I have spawned them in this year but it is a private server so perhaps Emissaries because of that.