Emotes with a Purpose

So this is obviously NOT priority one, but I was thinking that it might be nice to have some emotes that are aesthetic and some that are functional.

For Example:
Taunt should actually taunt enemies (will not work on actual players)
Some of the dances are just for fun, but the War Dance could work like a buff.
Additionally, the War Dance should have restrictions. Something like:

  • Charge the dance for 45 seconds (player must dance, can’t move)
  • The buff adds +1 to STR, VIT, AGI and GRIT and lasts for 10 minutes
  • Has a 20 minutes cool down
  • Can be stacked. (So if there are 5 Clan Members also doing the War Dance, all 5 Clansmen/women will receive +5 to each stat)

I think a buff like that would be great for PvP raids.
The dance “charge” time and cool down time would help so that the players cant spam this buff in PvP.
And it would be great for boss preparation in PvE.

I would suggest possibly making the Belly Dance a buff as well, but make it so that it does not negate the purpose of Dancers/Performer Thralls. Perhaps the Belly Dance could work in the same way, but maybe add +1 HP Regen ONLY IF the Player has 30 points in Vitality (for the attribute regen)

Emotes could be bound to a secondary Hot bar that appears above the normal hot bar.
Any other emote suggestions?


i like this idea, so many possibilities and would create a new classs of character to play ■■■, the bard

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■■■ = as, damn typo demons always adding letters

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I like this concept! After all, drinking to a certain point gives you a buff as well as certain war paints and foods. This could be very interesting!