Empire of Stygia


why no mention of bread?


Renown 5


Would be nice to see not only guild kills,but guild deaths only, EoS will be No1 without a doubt


Willd back in action too? :slight_smile: Welcome back m8! Now I regret not participating on saga server :confused:


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If you don’t want the hassle of defending a battlekeep then don’t take possession of one.

everyone wants the benefits of pvp related items in game without having to deal with actual pvp.

there is a price to owning a battlekeep and that price is in a window of vulnerability once every few days that any guild can launch an attack and claim your battlekeep for their own.

Whether or not the force he brings is capable of breaking through your defenses is irrelevant. if you fail show up he could claim your bk with just himself.

If you want a bk then you agree to deal with the hassles that potentially come with it. He is doing nothing wrong.


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You sound real salty bro. Wanna talk about it? jelly that someone is willing to pay me and not you? How does it make you feel?

I don’t think that’s what happened. We were down a man who crashed and never came back. If you got asked to leave maybe it’s because your team considered you the weakest link. :thinking: Dunno bro just sayin. Also most of Eos are new players. Isn’t this common knowledge yet?

I get it just fine.

  • You’re bemoaning the existence of this thorn in your side called EOS.
  • You want a battlekeep without having to worry about showing up to defend it.
  • You might have to miss a raid or get on late at night?

Boohoo.It isn’t his fault or anyone elses that funcom cant fix their broken game. Get over it. Set your vulnerability windows at an earlier time since you’re so adept at bk ownership and set your raid nights accordingly or just give up your battlekeep.
no battlekeep = no responsibility.


P.s. If you want to discuss skill we can get together anytime and go over it. You know where to find me tough guy.


You really are clueless, aren’t you…


clueless as to the meaning of your reply? Yea i think we all are.


Yes buddy :grin: only rare tho, but i go online when i can :slightly_smiling_face: U on Crom?


not too late. suuuper fast to level up in pvp.


I hope you don’t mind but since this is my Guild thread I would prefer you keep the trolling in Character or post a hater thread in the main forums


Today our Empire signed its 1st and only pseudo alliance with a Guild named straight out of khopshef. The great Stygian Empire now grows even stronger as we stand ready to meet the challenge of the up coming weeks


Aren’t you the largest guild on the server? Why would you need any allies at all with all the #'s you have?


To be fair they only have 40 to 100 online at any given time , and those 6 and 12 man groups they face are tough…


Cause they are stygian duh???


Speaking of which our Stygian brothers of House Bubshur flanked the ranks of the wayward Stygian Rogues of House Nafrtiri once led by Burns but now usurped by a Mitrite Swine known as Bloodvax! The rag tag force was chased up the ladders of the Commons to hide in a paupers alcove!

Empire of Stygia approaching 100k kills on saga!! Renown 5


In terms of RP, I believe Satetka/Prince Ptah have lore set up in which the Empire holds part of Khopshef. It would make sense in this case, if there were an “alliance” for RP sake. In terms of why they’d ally up with no RP lore in mind, not everyone in EoS remains active on the saga, and not everyone in the guild PvP’s all day/night.


Lore of course. All Stygians should join forces.

Straight out of Khopshef etc