Empire of Stygia


Speaking of which our Stygian brothers of House Bubshur flanked the ranks of the wayward Stygian Rogues of House Nafrtiri once led by Burns but now usurped by a Mitrite Swine known as Bloodvax! The rag tag force was chased up the ladders of the Commons to hide in a paupers alcove!

Empire of Stygia approaching 100k kills on saga!! Renown 5


In terms of RP, I believe Satetka/Prince Ptah have lore set up in which the Empire holds part of Khopshef. It would make sense in this case, if there were an “alliance” for RP sake. In terms of why they’d ally up with no RP lore in mind, not everyone in EoS remains active on the saga, and not everyone in the guild PvP’s all day/night.


Lore of course. All Stygians should join forces.

Straight out of Khopshef etc


Again you spin the facts to muddle the truth!!! After taking defensive positions above the commons we rained fiery death upon the slave horde. Yet again my tactical genius lead to a victory for the free peoples of Hyboria


As long as your tactics keep your hovering in your holes like the Mitrite rats you are we are happy. Slaves will continue to keep you cordoned off so your leprosy doesn’t spread!


Grudge match between the Followers of Mitra and the Stygian Empire! :slight_smile:


T2 city complete

RENOWN 6 - duel area under keep

100000+ kills



Turns out your city IS NOT COMPLETE

As you failed to put up walls around your city the dashing rogues of Black Lotus assassinated you in your own city. Then proceeded to destroy your pitiful slave army for the next few hours. Kills were enjoyed by all.


All I see from that screenshot is that you’re a fan clicker



I think what he means is you do not have it hotkeyed… Also you’re using default ui? gross bro. wtf! No wonder you quit this game so many times :wink:


Walls imply fear. A guild like yours will build them. A real empire does not hide behind brick and stone.

We welcome your attacks and will ensure future assaults are protected against.

Now, in the meantime, I have some guards to crucify!


EOS T3 keep going up tomorrow…no walls…come for a tour. We also have a dueling arena open to all!



The Prince stood in the midst of his council!

Hear ye hear ye the matter of the Wall is called to floor!

I have heard the calls of the weak and they pain me, but I assure you the attacks on our sovereign nation shall not be solved by isolationism! Those who turn away the weak and downtrodden and wall themselves when blessed with prosperity show true weakness! We are are THE EMPIRE OF STYGIA !!! RETURNED TO RULE HYBORIA and cleanse the darkness and filth of Conan!

Walls can crumble, city’s can burn but the spirit of our movement will not be stopped!

One by one the generals stood and yelled forth STYGIA!!! THERE SHALL BE NO WALL!

Now send the army northwards to Cimmeria !

Our war against Conans elite Nightwatch begins!




That’s incorrect.

Night Watch built Sagas’ first battlekeep (Stonehammer) at least 12 hours before Empire of Stygia so you guys are second. Third is Empire of Kebab who built Fort Bane.