Empty Region North-East

Has anything been said recently about that region? About what might come in the future? I have been reading through announcements and updates and can’t seem to find anything. I didn’t want to make a post without knowing for sure that it wasn’t already stated.

So, that being said… What do we think might be coming up there?

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This post is moreso for speculation, you don’t have to be right or wrong. I just wanna discuss ideas with the community :smile:

It is where the various dungeons are located. Not to be used in game. Try offline game and admin your self there it’s weird nothing is alive or moving last I checked.

Oh, really? That is weird! I didn’t know that, I will have to check that out, now, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re welcome I found the spot admin traveling. Then read about it here. I have my own server now we are not experiencing problems welcome to try WYRM,S BANE pvp with pve settings no loss on death boosted people can kill each other but not destroy buildings

Under blood stain in NE, is were player teleport when entering well of skelos (as mention above, its were several of inside location are)
Dregs is in desert to southwest.

I kinda hope, they copy-paste them to (as hard as that is) to other spots. So they can open map abit more.
wishful thinking…

Or a new zone via load screen, like island…

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I really hope there is a map expansion at some point in the future. If not, I wouldn’t be too upset, but I would love that!

Every one would like that…

Funcom has said that the map is done, at most it will be more armor, building, and pet DLCs.

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