Empty Server List

Problem Solved!

Had to Check deeper in my Firewall Settings…xD

Tried everything like this and the Server List INGAME (Not Steam Server List) stayed empty:
-Restarting Everything(PC, Steam, Firewall, Router, etc.)
-Reinstalling the Game
-Starting the Game with BattleEye installed and deinstalled
-Changing and reseting my Firewall
-Changing Filters in the Serverlist(Filter,Combat,Community…everything)
-Connect from Steam Serverlist
-Changing the game Language from German (I am from Austria) to English (Terraria for example had a Bug where it would crash in German…don’t ask me whyxD)
-Using the direct connection button/function with IP and Passwort
-Looking up solutions Online
-Writing a Ticket to Funcom Support
(Will Update when i tried more things)

But nothing worked till now

I only stopped the Game and tried to play the next day again and the list was empty.
And as far as I know there was no Patch or Hotfix at this time.

Well something strange have happened. Was playing without a problem but I restarted my server due to an update, no update to the client. After that server update I can see my server in the client anymore and if I try direct connect I get message saying that my client is of the wrong version.

I can’t find a update for the client/game anywhere.

Have solved the Problem!
Under Advanced Settings for my Firewall there where to Things in the incoming Rules Tab called “Conan Sandbox” and they where turned off.
Don’t know how what turned them off but everything works again!