Empty sorcerer packs

Platform: steam
Issue Type: bug
Game Mode: PVE
Server Type: testlive PVE
Map: exiles
Server Name: EU PVE
Mods: none

Bug Description:

Loot backs from sorcerers are empty when opened.

when I right click to open a sorcerers loot pack I get nothing.

Bug Reproduction:

Kill a sorcerer, loot them, open any bag/pack they have.

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I always wondered, do TestLive bug reports go in this forum or the TestLive forum?

Bug reports have their own forum heading.

I aught to check this on live because it has been an issue on test for a while. I mean I’m high enough level I make my spell pouches but i basically had to start from scratch at 60th on test so was trying to get spell pouches before I was set up to make them.

ETA: Logged in to live, I can’t get in to my keep. I fall through everything constantly, so can’t climb stairs to get in. Why are these bugs just getting worse daily without funcom’s help?