[EN][EU] Public [PvE] - Vanilla Exiles


Got so tired of people overbuilding and blocking off huge chunks of the map for no good reason so together with some friends, left the official servers and rented a server from G-Portal so we can enjoy the game.

We are just a bunch of casuals that enjoy the game for the PvE aspect and the building.

The server is running vanilla, basically a 1/1 copy of the official servers with a 2 week construction expiration timer (just because we are filthy casuals :slight_smile: ).

Anyone is free to join us, as long as you don’t just put down foundations for the hell of it or block off huge areas. Just basic common sense, you know? Clan size limited to 6.
Slots are set to 12, but i’ll be happy to increase the limit if more people join.

We have discord - discord.gg/T4xCk7