Enable Thrall Pitfights?

Now that the thrall levelling system has kicked in it really reminded me of a system in shadow of war where you had your minions fight each other. Especially with the blood and sand DLC it would be cool to have thralls fight each other as gladiators!

I tried this but the requirement to leave the clan made it difficult for the other player to place their thrall in the arena.

Do you guys know any ways I can remedy this? I want to force my old thralls with no levels to be gladiators :smiley:

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Is it a PVE or a PVP server?

This is a cool idea. The thrall cage item placeable is a cool idea.

Im really not against thrall dueling being a thing in this. Conanemon? Thrallemon? Im into it. This is more important and interesting to me than more beard styles.

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PVP server.

Well, in that case, you can have thralls from different clans fight like gladiators :wink:

Great idea , I was thinking the same thing. Would be awesome to see who’s thrall will reign supreme. One thrall enters , but only one can survive!!!

Due to the nature of buidling ownership putting the thralls in a contained arena became very difficult and making sure the aggro was fair for one thrall even harder.

One of the reasons I made this post was to ask for a way to do this in a player built arena.

Yeah, it’s definitely non-trivial. It requires a lot of coordination and good faith.

Pokemon - barbarian edition :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy_face:

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