Enchanted walls, health point increase

Howdy. One of the biggest flaws this game has is the HP of walls. If you want your settlement/city/house to look great, you have to sacrifice total amount of HP. If you want your base to be rock solid, you stack foundations and everything looks like a stupid cube :-/. So what about you guys create some magical items…something, that would be hard to craft but would increase HP of building blocks? For example I build only from insulated wood, because it looks awesome, but that means it only takes 2 explosives to wipe me of the map. So instead of grinding for black ice or reinforced stone, I could spent those resources to craft some…magical…dust…bless my walls and have wooden walls with the amount of HP that black ice does. And of course you could bless black stone walls to be even better. How does that sound?

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Sounds to me like you’d not solve anything if T3 could be buffed to a further “T4” by the same process. You’d just have everyone building “stupid cubes” (and I agree they look silly!) out of “T3+”. Then explosives would have to be buffed to match the new standard, and you’d be right back where you are now.

Oh yeah thanks for reminding. I also wanted to suggest some megaboom explosive, that would be really hard to grind. Or if you could combine multiple explsives together.

Also, yeah, buffing black ice walls would make no sense, so I would stick with the abillity to upgrade low tier walls to black ice level.

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