Enchanted weapons and equipment

Are we going to get an option from crafting magical items?

Maybe they should be attuned to the player.
Corruption should have a bigger impact on the players health and stamina but the bigger the amout of corruption the more powerful the enchantment.

This could work for all enchanted weapons armour and tools.

Example a
Sword may do 20 damage.
But a fire sword may add heat to the players temperature add a little light and damage based on the players level of corruption and also give a corruption penalty when it is equipped.

An armour might increase strength for example.
But significantly reduce health and stamina because of the corruption penalty on it.
Or maybe enchanting armour may reduce the amour value but add powerful perks/attributes etc
Or the lesser the armour value the greater the enchantment you could place on the wearable.
I.e jewelry would be more powerful for an echanment than silent legion armour.

Of course because the enchantment is attuned to the player. Other players and thralls don’t get the same benefit unless they are corrupted.
(which thralls cannot be)

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