Encumbrance - Balance and Counterbalance - Stamina usage stays the same


I tested the perk and it seems it doesn’t lower the stamina usage on swings.

I did the numbers as well:

State 1 NO PERK - Iron Axe ; 35% Weight

Light Attacks Stamina Usage : 1st 5st, 2nd 5st, 3rd 6st, 4th 7st
Heavy Attacks Stamina Usage : 1st 7st. 2nd 10st; 3rd 12st; 4th 15st

State 2 WITH PERK - Iron Axe ; 35 % Weight

Exactly the same numbers…

I did tests with 98% weight on both, and the numbers are higher, but still same in both Perk / No Perk states.


The damage aspect of the perk works, at least. I attacked a thrall with 0 armor.

With perk @ 40% weight:
Light attack = 41 damage
Heavy attack = 61 damage

With perk @ 133% weight:
Light attack = 45 damage
Heavy attack = 67 damage

I got the same stamina results as you. That part isn’t working at all.


Your post made me doubt Strong Grip. But tests show that it functions correctly.


Thank you for confirming that!

How do you see how much dmg you do in numbers? Is that through a console or something?


My thrall had 600 HP. I’d stab him and check before he started healing.


My stamina seems broken now after I unistalled the game and reinstalled it. I have run climbed and did weapons and my stamina is stuck, not moving or anything.