Encumbrance Murdering

Funcom is actually encouraging trolling and toxicity… With this you can instantly kill player, pets, horses, thralls and you do not even have to land on them completely for it to instant kill. I heard about it but never tried it and oh my goodness… You one shot EVERYTHING! You gotta fix this with the quickness. Sorry for all those people that spent hours leveling up horses and thralls to have them die instantly. GG Funcom

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxGZmbgiErY

I’ve never heard of people using this to kill anything other than players. In fact, the guy who did that video states that it can only be used against players.

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This may be the funniest Conan video Ive seen in a long time.
This is Mrs, Mrs Jone’s new build

It only works against players, not against anything else

Did you actually try using this against mounts and/or followers? If so, you might wanna record a video and post it in a bug report. Otherwise, this is neither a bug nor a suggestion, but a misunderstanding :wink:

Mario build has been a thing for a long time. And seems like u missunderstood the video aswell, since it do not work against mobs/thralls, only players.

We tested around a few weeks ago with the Mario build if it is useful against players on horses.

One time we actually managed to kill a horse with it. Didn’t record though and we forgot about it, because this build is not useful against horse riders.

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