Encumbrance when naked?

I’m playing solo / co-op on PC and made it to level 30 but I’m always sitting at the high side of encumbered. I pulled everything off and out of my bags and am still 28% encumbered. Not sure if that was intended but encumbered while naked seems completely off to me.

You removed everything in your hotbar, too?

Encumberanc does seem to be a bit much now. I put 15 pts in it. After wearing star metal armor, sword, shield, waterskin, and a few pieces of meat I’m about loaded. No chance of escaping a movement penalty.

Removed everything everywhere


I hade this issue yesterday.
Emptying my inventory and hot bar but i was still at 17% ecombrence.

I think to solve this server need restart (in your case, juste restart the game as you are playing solo local)