End game content + purges

When you get to end game the game gets pretty boring as the purges don’t effect you and you don’t have much of a reason to go out into the world to farm.
My idea is players can trigger a very challenging purge to strike their base by using a t3 shrine to summon a purge by offering blood/bones and a potion thats timed.
By defeating the last wave of the purge you are rewarded a key that allows you access to a dungeon that is normally locked. The dungeon has bosses that are hard but all can drop rng rewards like: cosmetic peices of armour for you and pets, Bosses heads, golden statues, crystal statues, pets that are hard to get ingame like a demon spider egg or golden rocknoses, building pieces that you can’t get in a dlc but only reward 1 per time you enter so you have to farm and a low chance of dropping an extremely over the top cosmetic building piece, like a large doorway thats made to look like a portal or had fire shooting up the sides of it… or a big marble water fountain.
Things that won’t make players OP but gives them the gloating factor of… ‘look at my amazing base, its got all these cosmetic peices that people can’t simply buy’. Something to make others want to farm too, without making them over powered at all.
This doesn’t effect new players as the normal purge system would work as intended but gives end game players a challenge when they play and are rewarded with something they can be proud to show off.
Making it punishing tho very rewarding but optional game play.
This could almost be used for events and seasonal holidays, like halloween. Dropping recipes like grave stones, spooky skeletons and pumpkin lights.

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