End of Halloween event, today or tomorrow?



Telling what you feel is the truth is one thing but to be honest i seen you spamming the same thing over and over again on multiple threads.


End the event already, the 6th has come and gone. Now the 7th has come and gone … Turn it off already


It had been removed on the PC platform. The Xbox and ps4 platforms required certification to be done, so a delay…see a post from Jens in this thread …he said hopefully tomorrow.


Why not preplan. Send patch and depatch at same time to xbone and Sony with drop dates attached to them … Just another shining example of funcoms awesome descion making…



Probably wouldn’t work in the :eyes: super unlikely :eyes: event of a hotfix being needed… as indeed it was… though did the consoles actually get that hotfix at all?


Dunno stopped playing on day 2… due to headaches.


Yeah well its friggen tomorrow and nothing


Why would maybe the need for a hot fix stop them from sending both patches in anyways? They could still hot fix nonetheless? I ask because I honestly know very little about Microsoft or Sony rules on sending patches in with drop dates attached to them can the company only send in 1 or 2 patches at a time? Do they even allow pre-determinded drop dates? I imagine they do because scheduled day 1 patchs happen all the time …


Well to be fair, I don’t know that it would, necessarily. I just imagine it would, since you’d then have a “waiting” patch that doesn’t “match” the current live (hotfixed) version. I don’t have any actual experience with consoles as a developer.

But I do know they’re fairly rigid (compared to the relative Wild West style patching possible on PC).


We got the hot fix on xbox. I only received 3 skeleton keys from the meteors the first night on an official server the first night. Since the hotfix, meteors worked fine, but the type of goodies were stepped down.


Yeah just keep it till 14/11 and I’ll surely go for Fallout 76! I’d never seen a game company made a mistake and hide from the customer


Um Hello!? I’m losing players from my server and can’t see crap! When will this mess end? I have a private PS4 Server,


I agree completely my server is now a ghost town it was doing quite well. I’m starting to think compensation, every player on official deserves some kind of in-game something ( maybe a I survived this S***show T-shirt skin) and those of us actually paying and losing our player vase due to it need an extension of at least 1 week.


The event continues…




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