End Of Patch Follow-Up: Decay System Improvements

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: North America

As we move closer to a new TestLive build, we move farther from Mounts/Movement and the subsequent hotfix. I have observed some changes to the Decay System, as they pertain to long-abandoned landclaims, in particular areas on the map, where discrete craftable items have been placed.


  • Clan D abandoned the server in early September of 2019.
  • Both of the subject build locations are at particular sections of the game world.
  • Generally, one intersects with a border, the other with an in-world object.
  • These are legal, legit buildings that were built by a clean player.


  1. By early December (post- Mounts/Movement), Building #1 with Object #1 (B1O1) existed, state: Decayed. I used an old trick to refresh it, despite my not being in the clan.
  2. Early Dec, Building #2 Object #2 (B2O2) existed as well, state: Decayed.
  3. Post-hotfix, another player on the server observed B1O1 turn to dust (pop) upon his recent approach. This is normal and good. An improvement.
  4. Post-hotfix, the other player and I have independently confirmed B2O2 still exists in a state of “Decayed.”

Conclusion: none yet. I have a simulacrum on a private vanilla PvP server under my control. With alternate accounts, I am unable to create these scenarios.

Anecdotal account: from my and my friend’s observations, the Decay System appears to be under successful rework. At least where this one stubborn case is concerned, we are seeing an improvement.

I invite other server-based players to share their decay experiences, if possible. Thanks in advance.


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