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Ah, good move. We’ll see you after the merge then and hopefully we won’t hear about any issues :wink:


Is there a time limit to the saga quest reward claim, or is the claim there indefinitely until you decide to use it?


Ah, that’s a great question. I followed up and what we’re going to do is have the claims available for 90 days. I’ll add it to the FAQ. Thanks!


Can the saga claims be claimed on a character not at level 80? I had planned on claiming the reward on a class I do not have yet at level 80. I know I couldn’t use the items until lvl 80 but I wasn’t in a hurry to level another character to 80 right away but with a 90 day window I’ll have to prioritize that if so.


I don’t think claims are level-restricted. I expect you to be able to claim everything at any level.


I have a question regarding guilds… Will all the guild members stay in the guild when it gets transferred, or will they all get booted?


Guilds will be transfered. As guilds are made of members, the characters will stay in the guilds. If everyone gets booted than the guild will be deleted.


Will the for-sale trader items or items in mailboxes of the current Crom-characters be affected by the merge? Do we have to collect all our mail and cancel our items to sell on the Crom server before the downtime?


Wow I didnt think about that… now I am worried lol :smiley:
I still got items for sale on Crom… some expensive ones actually…


I would bet no, nothing bad will happen to your Crom items. The merge is likely to be a “Copy this subset of data from Saga Database - > Insert into Crom Database”


And I remember the Set to Crom merge…which deleted my friends lists from all my characters … and randomly kicked people out of their guilds… and other delightful features… …so I am not taking the risk.
But regrettably I forgot to take screenshots of my claim items and loyalty reward days … paranoid perhaps but both of these sections were altered on the Saga of Zath characters. The claims section in particular is going to have a number of additions upon the character transfer for the rewards we earned on Saga of Zath and unexpected coding clashes can occur. Remembering of course that Funcom stated the duplicated rewards can not be collected on the Saga characters …so it does not sound like a simple copy dataset.


The claim of Saga rewards will not be done through /claim according to the faq. There should not be much to worry about, only thing that I can think of that might cause issues are if you have several “Can only have one” items in your inventory.

This merge is not as big of a task as Set to Crom merge because they don’t have to transfer the data across the atlantic… nor is it characters created the past 5 years but rather past 4 months :slight_smile:


can we get some patch notes? for merge and for that pve/pvp xp change.


Yes, hang on. All will be posted soon enough :slight_smile:


wow) that was quick. tyvm)


Yeah, that had big problems, particularly for the Set folks for a couple reasons.

They were being copied onto a new server.

The EU/US datacenters of the time used the same ID’s as each other, so a simple merge was impossible, they had to do an extra step of altering ID’s of all the Set Characters/Guilds/Etc. I believe it was at this point they screwed up and caused friend’s lists to be nuked and many of those other issues.


So how did the renaming actually go? This statement is still contradictory. It says if Crom character account is active in past 24 months, they keep name, but then it says if both accounts are active, “…other rules…”. It can’t work both ways.

I appear to be caught in a case of “Both accounts active”, where the crom character, a level 53 character last online July 10th, 2016, kept his name to my level 80 saga character.


The name resolution that actually occurred was incorrect. Contact CS and we’ll handle it as best as we can as quick as we can.


Good to know, thanks.

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