Endgame players ignoring the team in e1 runs


I guess you could add a condition that meant that you could only pass the blue wall into a bossfight once all the group members were within a certain proximity, with a timer like on the helicopter for polaris 6 so that someone going AFK wouldn’t totally stop the group perhaps?


Yeah maybe i was overestimating the level headedness of the majority lol, think positive i say, but if what you say is correct then those two will just keep getting away with it , like i said it doesnt affect me personally but it does reflect on us all if we stay silent , if i however by some rotten luck with my recently made e1 toon end up with them in a dungy & they do it i will for sure test out the GM procedure.


Taken direct from this forum, It reads as follows with rule number one:

Rules of Conduct

The following are the basic rules of conduct that govern player interaction and activity within our games Failure to act responsibly and comply with these rules may result in the termination of your account without a refund of any kind.

  1. You may not harass, cyber bully or threaten other players in any form while participating in any Funcom game or communication channel.

when someone, without being provoked, goes out of their way to deliberately make sure that others do not get their loot and basically have an un-enjoayble experience - on more than one occasion - and have been asked previously, numerous times by community members, Players they have encountered, cabal officers etc for a year - to stop doing it.

What others see as “nothing of importance” or “Simple badassery” - others view as irritation, aggravation or even, when done enough times - harassment.
In this case the term “Griefing” - is probably more apt for the person(s) concerned.
A term we are all familiar with in online gaming. This takes many forms and i myself have encountered it - in it’s many ugly forms.
Intentionally using the games bad design of “porting you to the end of the dungeon before you’ve even got your bearings or are trying to catch up for your loot” is one such example.

We’re not talking about “Lol i made it to the end of the dugeon, speed up slow jerks”
We’re talking about someone who sweeps a dungeon with a group of unsuspecting players and deliberately leaves them with nothing or very little, over and over and over again for nearly a year - with absolutely no signs of stopping doing it when asked politely by even superiors of their own well known cabal.

What else are the players to do but to report it publicly if it’s not or they fell it’s not being dealt with privately.

It’s only by sheer chance that another player who takes it upon themselves to actually be vocal about it and to post here about it.

How many others, new players have we lost because of this type of behaviour by yes - one or two individuals?

just because you don’t see it yourself or haven’t experienced it yourself or the person is your friend, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen - because it does.
That - is a fact.


Harassing someone and being a jerk aren’t the same thing. You can be a jerk to everyone without actively harassing anyone. You can even harass someone without being a jerk to everyone (though if you were harassing anyone, I’d argue that you are a jerk).

Now the irony here is that trying to take action against another player on behalf of a friend is harassment. Naming and shaming is not allowed because it crosses the line into harassment, and invites others to do so too. If a player has a grievance with another, you can try to address it through polite conversation, or by reporting it to the GMs. Taking it to public channels isn’t appropriate and crosses the line.


I would like to suggest that maybe, just maybe, Funcom should consider the possibility that overgeared E1 speedrunners are effectively cyber bullying people into playing their way, with the threat of not receiving loot unless they get moving in a hurry already.

Also, not clearing trash mobs to ensure they can’t keep up should be considered intentional harassment.


Community behaviour that makes the general atmosphere unwelcoming or otherwise discourages newer players from continuing with the game is absolutely a problem for Funcom, regardless of whether or not there’s a written rule prohibiting it.


Which is why I said being a jerk was not what was being addressed, we can all deal with those easily Ignore.
it was the actively going out your way to deliberately make sure that others have a miserable time without even saying a word, intentionally using the games bad design such as porting to the end coz you were there first knowing they would get nothing previous or intentionally kicking you because you watched a cutscene.

The reason this post was created was because after what seems like a year of private reports, private complaints, to both GMs and cabal superiors, it has done absolutely nothing, because the perpetrator themselves does not care. A public channel is perhaps the very best place to open it up to.
This has been done a few times on other subjects by others already since the forums began.
Sometimes it runs it’s course and sometimes you get to see exactly what people think.

What the perpetrators are doing is actually called griefing and it is of a high degree
They have been getting away with it because of the silence of others and no repercussion


" 10 levels of same dungeons is an abomination"
10 levels of the same 5 dungeons to boot.


Wait, so you believe that the purpose of this post is to publicly harass someone, and you believe that’s a good thing?!

If no action has been taken after a year of reports then there’s a pretty good chance that no rules have been broken.

It’s a sad thing to see people embracing toxic behaviour whilst claiming to condemn it.


Your view is that it was made to harass, is just that - your view. Which is a misconstruing of the facts.
The intention was to highlight it to the public that this thing exists and something should be done, that is clear by the opening statement from the OP.
The OP did not name or shame - someone else did.
I have no idea where or how you come to that.
We have no idea if any action was taken, this they do not divulge for good reason.
But it’s clear that even if nothing has been done or if it has - the person(s) is not listening to what amounts to them griefing others for no reason other than - they can.

it’s a sad thing to see others not willing to stand up against such toxic action against the community.


If it’s always the same person bothering you, blacklisting him will prevent the group finder to put you in the same group in the future.


No it won’t. Your block list is stored clientside, not serverside so the group finder has no way to access it.

This is incredibly disingenuous of you, you should stop doing it. :v:


I’m sorry that you doubt my sincerity, but I am being entirely candid.

I don’t agree with the actions of the players being discussed, but I don’t believe that you can tackle toxic behaviour in a community with more toxic behaviour. Unsurprisingly, all it does is encourage and grow the toxicity. Two wrongs not making a right is a pretty fundamental personal belief of mine.

Highlighting something to the public so that the public can do something about it sounds a great deal like harassment when it’s repeatedly being focused back onto specific players.

There have been multiple times when conversation has been drawn away from the situation as a whole and back to the actions of specific albeit un-named individuals.

Ideas about how to interpret existing rules so that punitive action could be taken against specific individuals is an example of trying to apply public pressure to take an action which has (as far as we know) not been taken. Again, that’s sounding very much like harassment.


The Irony here being that one of the most toxic players in game ,( no name) moaning about the toxicity of others, talk about hypocrisy


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I am not going to dignify you with a response to any more misconstruing.
The topic is justified.
The OP has a reason for bringing it here and i’ve already said all i need to say to you.


This conversation has been an interesting read. So it seems that people here fall into two camps.

  1. Players should respect each other, and work together as a team to achieve the basic goals for everyone.

I think, on balance, I find myself siding with the former.


Agreed it was a fun read, but here’s the reality.

When you hit that que button you lost all rights to complain, you just said ‘screw it, Ima roll the dice and see what happens’.

IMO I’ll take that 70red guy rushing thru over some derp that wants to watch cut scenes and talk about outfits and complain about the tank moving too fast… infact I’d vote kick that guy.


No, I don’t think this is true at all actually. :v:


And here is why we have a problem. It’s almost like these mindsets don’t want new people to play at all.
You do know that is what the “Private” tick box can be used for?
And the vote to kick function is not there for you to use to Grief other players with.