Enemies advancing into melee range end up behind me


This happens a lot and I find myself compensating for it all the time–for some reason most enemies, when they close to melee range, their chosen target is a meters or two behind me. So if I am playing ranged and stand still, the enemy will end up behind me. It’s really annoying waiting for something to come to me and have it end up walk past me then turn around, forcing me to turn while it’s walking past me to keep target on it.


This has always been a problem, back in TSW as well. there has been some topics on it that i’ve seen, but nothing big enough to warrant a response from the devs:/

It’s a really annoying issue for melee as well, hopefully they will fix this one day and make the combat a bit less frustrating:)


While i dont doubt it might be unintentional, i kinda always looked at these quirks as a tactical placement from the mobs. Can’t say i mind much to have to turn and pop an AoE when they get behind me. The ones that run away to cast can in some situations really mess with you (Lord of Veins running inside the camp). Not saying these shouldn’t be fixed, but personally not too annoyed with them, gives you a bit more than a dumb mob running around a platform. (I play everything from full range, to full melee, and a nice mix of the two)


Personally I am annoyed with it and have been for years, hence finally saying something about it after a blatant example, when I usually play melee and intentionally drop advancing critters behind me with Pandemonium.


When I read the title I thought you meant something more like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MW0mDZysxc


It’s just bad mob pathing, a problem this game has always had.