Enemies HP curve

I was the one saying that demo was way too easy even on very hard. And it was. And at the start of a full playthrough I liked changes very much. Bigger HP pools made some decisions to be harder, made me give a damn about weapon upgrades and crits almost from start.
But at the point of being at lvl ~25 enemies became too healthy. Like first tank encounter where you face tank 30HP 3ARM, Shaman 24HP, and regular butcher 14HP. I did a bit of scouting and get 2 boomsticks and rambino with 8-8-9 dmg, managed to pull this pack by 2 granades+snare+anti knockback.
But then it started to get worse. Your average silent weapon dealing 6 damage (you could make one or even two of them to deal 7 with a bit of scouting and neglecting normal weapons). Then you manage through the robots 30HP 2ARM and 24HP 1ARM and you can aggro a whole map of 'em if you don’t perma stun lock them using weapon upgrades on or your silents but running back and forth to ark for switching not just every time you enter map with a lot of mechs, but every time you see a med-bot seems well weird.
Ok you pulled that out too and you’re around level 35-40. And a simple lone hunter is having 24 HP. Toped silent weapons are dealing 7 damage. Yes still 7 as ranger perk doesn’t work on silent weapons at all (though it does on boomstick that has 10 range too, if you like to say that silent weapons don’t meet long range description). Yeah you still can pull it through by combining with high crit Ferrow and\or Bormin’s Hog Rush the last one is noisy so you won’t be able to pull it out everywhere, not to mention every time.

tl:dr I think that silent weapon damage should be affected by ranger or have some other ways to get higher normal damage. Some stun mechanics for organic enemies besides hog rush would be great too. Bullet sponges isn’t good from mechanics perspective, make them harder to catch undetected…

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I sign that.
The game feels great till level 27/28. You get better weapons of course but your silent weapons stagnate in their damage output. With level 30+ you know you can kill 1-3 enemies with silent mode then you have to battle a huge part of the zone if not the whole zone. (its great to notice that even noisy weapons dont alert the whole zone if the next enemy is far away to the current fight)

I wish there was a way to know if you’re going to be alerting more enemies. Some zones they don’t seem to aggro if they are far away, but others, literally the whole zone runs towards you.

Maybe enemies with a text/voice script do not activate until you got the text/voice message.

Agree. It scales really weirdly. I’m not even all that far through the game, and I have upgraded all my silent weapons to lvl 3, and still quite a few of the enemies I meet I can’t even take out one of them in a single turn even if all three of my toons hit and do max damage. I mean zone dogs are 20 HP now. Something just feels really off here?


Hey i played now nearly to end of the game and have only 2 open fights until now.
Every other fight was in sneaky mode.

If you equip your people correctly you have with your sneaky weapons, right skill and right position 10-9-7 on your sneaky weapons. Two of your Team Members have around 50-100% crit chance. Then you have two charakters who are able to shot two times at once. So you can have 10-9-14 or 20-9-7… or in power case 20-9-14… yes you need some luck with the crits sometimes. But everything is possible… hard but possible.

Mechanic enemys seems to easy in later game. After you find the third EMP Stunner you never need to use a EMP grenade. You run around with 30%-30%-50% chance to stun a Mechanic enemy…

Because i have so many EMP bombs i try 2 times with the weapon stun effekt and then i use an emp grenade.
If they reduce the HP of enemys now the skills will become useless. You don´t need to think about situations and can run through the levels without real challenge.

I like it how the game is now. Maybe to much challenge for some.

Really not sure how you can be that far into the game and have only had 2 open fights but more power to you. There are many instances where mobs are clustered together and do not split, ever, so I had to fight numerous group battles whether I wanted to or not. LOL

Yes. I think about High Street (??? Play on German, called Hochstraße there) and there you climb up and face Shaman, Med Bot, some Ghouls…I killed 2 sneaky and I dont manage to get through this without an open fight, which is tough. Killing Shaman in round one is no problem, but then the Med Bot came and my EMP thing just doesnt work. Its a tough fight.

Well I finished the game. Managed to get very little open encounters. There is pretty much only one that can’t be done silently at all Lux, but you can avoid it all together it’s doesn’t give you much loot it gives just 1 art point you don’t really need at the point you can manage this encounter. And what I sad is still stands from the other end of the journey. At later point you are killing 36HP 4ARM Psychos silently with a right combo of abilities and high crit. Games feel hardest at 25-40.

you are able to hold the stronger enemys all the time on control…
EMP Shock… The Stun hit from the Pig, the mind control… and all of these stuff helps a lot. For me is a not open fight if the enemy was not able to shot one time at my team.Many groups of three enemys split, or there is one enemy who is a bit far away… so you are able to kill him without the other notice it.

I never sad it’s something you can’t manage to do… it is… It’s about the curve it feels too punishing on 20 to 30-40 level rather then on starter and even higher and endgame levels…


This is a nice game in many ways, and I love the mechanics but the difficulty seems pretty insane. Even the grunt baddies have so many hit points that stealth kills are iffy at best after a few missions. And often the baddies just cluster making stealth kills impossible. I’ve put in a lot of hours into XCOM and games like the Wasteland series, but having to reload and replay the same mission countless times to get past it is more frustration than fun.

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It’s not really the XCOM experience… It’s a same genre but you have to act very differently… I did managed to get through very hard in 20 hrs(But I did played demo)… there is some tricks and you mostly can kill everything in stealth you just have to wait… engaging more then 3 enemies in close distance that will alert others were very rare issue… The only thing that I can think about is cause of a stealth you can miss some dialogues and enemies won’t spread far enough, otherwise you are mostly missing something… I can remember only 2 real hard encounter it’s the scrapland 4th (2 hunter 1 tank 1 boss), and one mentioned above. others was mostly brought to 2-4 enemies at once most, or position played in several turn through grenades…

So…how kill an enemy silently with more Hitpoints than any gun can make?

You need to have all three characters with silent weapons, upgraded as far as possible, then use abilities (and a little luck) all together. There are a few “very hard mode” youtubers out there that you can watch for tips.

So essentially your saying that in order to not get your head handed to you on a platter you have play the game almost completely in stealth mode? Hmmm. Get three upgraded stealth weapons and sculk around 80% of the time and hope you don’t blow the die rolls? I got the impression from the demo that would be have more tactical variety, than that. Maybe I was just too optimistic that the developers would find a good mix of stealth and firefights.

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No, it’s always been about stealth as far as I knew. I knew that going into it. If you don’t stealth a majority of the encounters, you’re in for a rough time with multiple enemies being alerted to you and heading your way.

Do I get that right and its possible to ambush together? In Realtime? So, I can chain my silent attacks?

Correct. Set up your entire team in position, then start the ambush. If all three get their hits in and the enemy dies before they get to take a turn, the combat will end and you’ll go back into non-combat stealth mode.

Now I feel dumb…I always thought “how great would it be, to attack with all of them in stealth”…and its so simple. :smiley: Now I need to find that second silence weapon.

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