Enemies ignore me



Hosting my own server and playing together with a friend. It’s been fine for the past 3 weeks. But today I noticed that enemies ignore me.
If I run up to them they start to walk towards me but then just stand there, doing nothing. If I hit them they do start to attack me, but after 4-5 seconds they go back to their non-hostile state.

The weird part is that it’s normal for my friend, enemies attack her on sight as normal.
AND, they do attack me when she is with me… It’s only when I’m alone that they ignore me.
Never used any admin commands like invisibility n such.
I’ve tried restarting the server, killing myself and verifing the steam files on my client.

If I start a singleplayer game then it works just fine, so seem it’s just my character on the server that’s borked.
Any suggestions?


This is the same for all official servers I’ve played on.

I want to rent a server and find people willing to chip in 5% of the annual cost, plus participate in votes when it comes to any changes to the servers settings or introduction of mods etc.

I just can’t find evidence that private servers are doing better when it comes to the AI bug so I’m holding back for now.

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Passive NPCs is a wide spread issue at the moment and also pretty random. Waiting for Funcom to look into what codes have been inadvertently affected by their latest patches and for them to issue a new patch rectifying it is the only solution…but until then:
Do NOT get complacent about running near NPCs alone that have become passive since the recent PC patch. You might just get a nasty surprise…

On an Official PvE server, I had run though the same area without the NPCs attacking me probably 10-20 times since this bug started with no issues…then suddenly they all decided to revert to normal behaviour and I had a bunch chasing me…


I find that on the official server I’m on, they are hostile after server reset, then mellow out as there is more load on the server, then towards the end of the day as people log off, they start to attack again.
Sometimes a place like asagarth will be mellow first up until they are wiped out once the they get angry.
Other times I’ve walked into sepermeru and everyone wants me dead.

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I’ve done mass repeated slaughters in asgarth since this bug started and they just don’t care … even when fighting in sight of others … even clearing areas and the re-spawned npcs have shown back up …they still don’t care…but I dragged just one of their community out through a cleared camp and return after putting her onto the wheel to respawned npcs…then they ALL hated me…guess murder is acceptable but kidnaping & slavery is not.


Alrighty, thanks everyone!
Was worried it was something wrong with my char alone and that I’d have to remake it :slight_smile:

Will play the waiting game then and hope they’ll fix it soonish.

I’m on a private sever and everything is attacking me but I have seen a few players able to run right up to my thralls before my units started to attack.

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