Enemy AI and Performance Since PS4 Patch 1.16

For the last week or so I’ve been trying to farm a Nordheimer Priest III so I’ve been spending alot of time going between the Ward Towers and New Asagarth, (needless to say I have alot of Priest I & II blood on my hands) I Can’t count how many times I’ve wiped that Vanir village in frustration.

But after the patch the AI seems different, not just how NPC’s forgot how to use their shields again, but their Pathfinding seems worse now. I’m seeing them just run right past me and try to run into walls.

And while other people are reporting that the game seems to be running smoother I’m experiencing the opposite, for example I see alot more Teleporting enemies, worse lag in Mobs, more rubberbanding and even more lag than normal at New Asagarth.

Is anyone else experiencing this decline or is it just me?

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