Enemy Factions Patrols

There could be enemy patrols near some of the main settlements of factions.
The way it’s now, npcs are aways on the same spots, while not necessarily a bad thing, adding some patrols would liven up the game world and add some unpredicatibility to gameplay.


There’s normally Darfari fighters and archers patroling around the entrance of the Summoning Place, in a wide route even…

Some of the Exiles in the south river area also patrol in wide routes that sometimes lead them to be crocodile food :slight_smile:

What’s strange is that is not something that has been extended to other settlements… specifically in the North… haven’t seen as much patrolling, specially in Asagard… there are some random fighters patrolling around the Wardtowers, and other lonely settlements around thereabouts, but that’s it.

It would be cool if there was open war between some factions… like, Darfaris vs Dogs in the Savannah area, they have settlements very near each other’s… I could see some fighting between them there :slight_smile:

Black Hand vs the grey apes in the Jungle, also could work. Or darfaris trying to take slaves from the Sinner’s Refuge… or from the lonely exiles in the river.

Nothing that’s too constant, though… it’d be something that has to have a random chance to occur and not everything at the same time, IMO, or it would kill the server :smiley:

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Yes, like the ones near the summoning place, maybe a bigger round, make then walk by some settlements, that would increase odds you find more than usual npcs in a camp also.

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