Enemy issues being able to just walk away

Just wondering if they’ll ever update the Npcs in the world because you can pretty much just walk away from anything without being hit etc which seems pretty bizarre especially being way up north in the game and being a survival game

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Yeah i think it is very funny to me when players complain about the game being to hard or this and that. I was actually thinking this the other day you can literally run away or walk away from anything as long as you keep moving without any stopping. Each enemy take a second or two to set them selves up for a attack.

SMH the fun

The combat moves is the problem, AI can’t hit you because of that , and so the players when moving.

It’s definitely something that will need looking into, most of my mates have said about the problem and laugh on why it’s like that. It would make the game a lot more harder but at least you wouldn’t be able to go straight up north at level 1 and get good gear straight away :sweat_smile: