[ENG/GER]⚔️AKIRA PvP | High Performance | Raidtimes | Raid Protection | Events | Active Admin | T4 Thrall Purge



Is good old fashioned PvP with basic Rules on a high Performance Server attractive for you? Then you should invade and dominate this Server Warrior !


Servername: AKIRA PvP

Discord: discord.gg/AvRFfcR

Serverlocation: Germany, Europe
Tickrate and FPS: 100
Max Players: 70
Rulesystem: Mostly basic and simple except for „Raid Protection“ - Players/Tribes wich get fully wiped out get 2 PvP free Days to rebuild for there Revenge.
Decay: Server cleans himself from inactive/destroyed Ruins after 15 Days inactivity. This Script helps keeping up the Server Performance.
Language: Everybody is welcome but english is a plus to communicate with the Admin :wink:

Experience Rate: x2
Harvest Rate: x3
NPC respawn: x2
Resource respawn: x5
Day/Time: A bit more Day then Night
Item Spoil: x0.3
Purge: Active on T4 Thrall Level


Fresh Wiped on 10.08.


Hi, I’m not sure if you can help me, but I’ll give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:
I can’t connect to your server since 5 days or so. Is there a chance it will be on again?

Thank you in advance. :hugs: