[Engineer] Froob Engineer Manual 20-50


Origin story - A few weeks ago i decided to learn how to create and self-publish ebooks. Some of you computer literate folks may find it an easy task. That’s not so for me. I’m a tradesman, not an IT professional. I’ve had no real reason to learn HTML and CSS and coding languages, no matter how basic.

I thought why not write a guide to help people get started on the game after leaving Arete, because in some ways Arete is quite different than what may confront a new player upon entering Rubi-Ka. I see people at reddit and this forum asking all sort of basic questions. People really have no idea where to start after Arete because the game is so open ended.

The idea is to introduce concepts like farming missions using clicksaver, collecting gear from shops and designing and installing implants. Then follow that up with a very basic walk through of what things are like when laddering implants - including a practical exercise. Nothing difficult because there are plenty of primer videos to watch. I just want to place a small bridge between the yawning gap of Arete and end game boss fights.



I’m an experienced player but a newbie at writing technical manuals and guides. I’ve revised it 3000 times. The thing became a Beast. I need people to tell me where and what needs editing and revising. I can’t move forward with internal links and indexing and a few other things until the text is in a fixed state - or nearly so.

Thanks. updated.

My work is Public Domain. The original cover art is copyright by Funcom.

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