[Engineer] Froob Engineer Manual 20-50


Does the epub book display look okay on your Nook? I obviously don’t have a Nook and am curious how things look for other people/devices. Are the images okay and display no differently than a purchased version from B&N - that sort of thing. I’m working on a mammoth book project with 129ish chapters and with images and hope I’m doing everything okay, because major fixes will be a huge timesink.

I must admit that I don’t often look at the download page at Mediafire. Having said that - I’ve hosted about 18,000+ map file and 2000 map file tool app downloads over the past 9 years at Mediafire and if people have been duped by ads there I want to hear about it.


Just tested by disabling Ghostery and AdBlock Plus on Chrome. In addition to the typical things Ghostery and adblockers work against being present, clicking on the download link opened a Roblox sign-up page in a new window. Similar on Brave, except instead of popping up, the tab I was using to view Mediafire was directed to Roblox (dot com).


I didn’t download it to my Nook, but read it with my Win10 laptop. I doubt it would look fine on my Nook, since it’s e-ink, and hence is black and white only.

It looked fine on my laptop. However, elevating form over substance, the format isn’t suitable for a technical reference document. I don’t know if that’s a deficiency of the e-pub format or if it’s because you choose not to provide chapter links.

For example, I don’t need to read the advice to newbs but nevertheless must navigate page by page. I do have a physical reference book for AO albeit woefully out of date, but it’s so much easier to flip through a physical book than a digital one plus has a Table of Contents. Attempts to mimic physical books in digital formats are misguided since you can’t fan pages in digital books as fast as you can in a physical book, and completely dumbs down the sheer reference power of digital documents.

I really think it would so much easier to use in HTML since chapter links are unnecessary since you can scroll through quickly, albeit nice for long documents (paging is so last century ; )), and no need to deal with flaky download sites like MediaFire, since you can paste it in here. Plus is a format us gamers already have installed.


I do apologize for turning you into a beta tester. I agree that ebooks aren’t great when used for specific purposes. Terrible in some respects for reference and certain tech papers (thumbing/flipping pages as you say). Excellent for word and phrase searches. I love them for things like non-fiction and fiction books; especially hardcover that weigh a ton or paperbacks of 600+ pages. I’ll destroy a paperback book by smashing and beating-bending the spine out of shape. I detest springiness in paperbacks.

And yes, this book is primarily a new arrival book. But I need veterans to read it and call me out on the bad advice bits found in the book. I spent considerable time sorting and fiddling with the table of contents - and trying to make sense of some of the non-sequitur that creep into my amateur writing.

This is how the table of contents display in MS Edge:


And in Icecream:

My Kindle is an older paperwhite - which means it’s black and white. It dispalys everything just fine with one exception - the table of contents is at the end of the book. This is a problem when converting epub to kindle format. And my poor grasp of the whole thing


Okay, I’ll find a new host. I’ve not been redirected or had popups at Mediafire. I surf with SRWare Iron with just a adblocker and no-script extensions. I did get a DCMA from a Spanish lawfirm because they claimed I was infringing on the Fast and the Furious 8 film in some manner. The file they DCMA’d is a map file 20kb in size and has been hosted at mediafire since like 2011. Now I’m wondering if that lawfirm isn’t part of a scam to steal personal info from me via a phont DCMA claim.

Moving the book is no big deal.


NP, I volunteered. :wink:

I hope that’s ok. I really wanted to help you out, not only because you helped me personally but are providing a service to the AO community. You seemed to take it personally that few had read it, but I really do think requiring people to install add-ons and downloading files is the cause, especially since Funcom has been hosting these guides for years on their forums.


I half expected a few people to at least comment after reading the book. That part I took kinda personal. 265 epub and 97 kindle downloads. You’d think I’d get more response than one troll (he didn’t even bother reading the book before trolling me) on reddit and you. Thanks again.

Maybe the host really is dodgy. I’m shopping a new host by the way. Maybe people thought I was offering a virus in book form. Who knows. I learned quite a bit putting this all together and hope to earn a little scratch on my current non-gaming book project. By a little I mean make maybe $500 dollars if i’m luck. Yeah, shooting for the stars, that’s me.