Enjoy the vacation we paid for

Don’t need to be here from day one to see disproportionate outrage and develop an opinion that some people are far too impatient. This now seems a constant within gaming communities across the board. I am definitely sure that many people are far too impatient. This is particularly so, when considering the main topic of this thread, which exudes contempt at FunCom staff for taking a vacation, that will be at this point two to three weeks (through to end of July). The inability to wait (without complaint) for two to three weeks while hardworking individuals take a needed vacation is, in my humble opinion, the essence of impatience.

Unfortunately, some people are stretching my comments and/or taking them out of context to read them as a broad indictment against all players who are upset that portions of this game are still broken. Heck, I’m irritated about the state of the game too, there are many things that need fixing. At this point, everyone is entitled to be upset, frustrated, disappointed – I just think that often the level of outrage or impatience exhibited is disproportionate.

Hold FunCom’s feet to the fire by pointing out the bugs that still exist, remind them how long it has persisted, and continue to ask for updates. But, don’t be pissed that some of your fellow human beings are taking a vacation.


Well iam not upset about them taking a vacation But, they should not make this public because Will sound as lack of respect or even a joke. The game was marketed as a FULL and funcional product wich is Far from being that. We are being beta testers for FREE. They should know the level of How absurd and poor polished this product is right now, so that any action or comunication they do like creating a New logo(totally unnecessay imho) and taking a vacation Will lead to people be more impatient and angry.


Or, informing the player base they are taking a vacation is a level of transparency that most developers have yet to achieve. If they had just taken a vacation, and there was only silence, the player base would just be pissed and feel like they were being ignored. This is a damned if they do, and damned if they don’t scenario.

From what I can see, FunCom is being the most transparent, forthcoming, and honest about its updates and fixes as I have ever seen.

We’re getting off track.


Yeah having transparency to Tell us about the vacation, but at the same time, having “zero” transparency about this game being Alpha and selling for us like a Full product. Go home buddy.


That’s exactly the problem, Espanholol. And the tendency is this problem to multiply for “indefinite time” while other victims buy this trap… or game.


I agree with you Espanholol, there open about what there team is doing, but aren’t up front about all the problems the game still has. I bought the game when it first dropped on ps4 a few months ago. Was greatly disappointed with all the bugs and glitches still, but I still gave it a try and it was fun! But patches and bug fixes are way to few and far between. Then to get hit with the whole we know we just said we were guna drop this fix, but were going on vacation. Like really you couldn’t have prepped and shifted your recourse to you us team in the mean time? I know people need a break, but man when you drop a game with so many problems how can you make an announcement like that lol


no clue why people post on reply’s lol if u don’t like the post and stop harassing people lol a lot of people cant play this game at all $50 gone if u don’t like other people post then don’t reply lol


Here’s my watered down response as several people apparently thought my previous response was a little too direct.

The game does not delete my work. Many other people also do not have that issue. Losing progress is not a universal issue.

Again, I hope FunCom enjoys their vacation, and come back refreshed to tackle the problems, because at least we agree that there are still problems to be fixed.

On another note I generally respond to posts that were responses to my posts, particularly if I disagree. One cannot have a community discussion without discourse. I don’t feel that responding to someone is harassment.


Is you save game pre 1.16 patch?
It’s my understanding that the save game problems are primarily affecting save games created post patch.

Just because it doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to a lot of people there buttercup. It’s been an issue for a long time with this game. Do some searching.

And yeah, I’m definitely due for a vacation from this game. Probably a permanent one. I’d say I’d just wait a while and see how it all turns out, but that would be at least a year from now before these sloths actually start digging into the real problems with this game. Meanwhile new games like Fallout 76 will bury this piece of garbage.

It’s basically dead in the water right now. They went from hundreds of full servers to you’re lucky if there’s 6 people playing on each one in less than a month. True testament to how big of an absolute failure this game is, just like every single one of their previous games.


I am convinced that some of us do not experience the worst this game has to offer; because I tend to believe people at face value, and I don’t start a discussion/dialog thinking they’re lying or they’re paid by Funcom for rave reviews, or worse, they’re Funcom employees themselves. We all are probably old enough to know how exactly the ‘reviews’ for any given products really work. If you don’t, I will let you know, since in my company and I am sure it’s not the only one, the positive reviews are written internally. So yeah.

But I digress; going back to the point in question here, I don’t NEED to be convinced that most of us have real problems with this game. It’s enough to go read the PC, Xbox and PS4 sections and it’s more than enough to realize that a lot, and I mean an awful lot of the players have serious difficulties in enjoying this game as it doesn’t really work as advertised. Because, as I believe that there are people who can play this game without hitches (and I’d like them to tell us how they’re able to achieve that feat), I also believe the players who complain that this game is broken at its very core.

Unfortunately for me, I am not in the category of players who can enjoy this game without its problems. I am one of many who complain this is not working as intended. So I wish Funcom employees to have the vacation of their dreams, or whatever they wish for, but it’s so highly unprofessional to say the least, to just close up shop and disappear for three weeks like this is not an online 24/7 service offered, but some side-of-the-road freakshow that today is here and tomorrow is gone without a trace.

A player base is hard to acquire, and it’s so much easier to lose. Even if we payed the money for a non-functional product, the ball’s in Funcom’s court. Everyone is watching them, so I hope they use this vacation time to do some really hard thinking of the direction they’re going.


In all honesty, they are people too, don’t forget that. And making a 500+ bug fix takes a lot of over time. The employees have families and a life outside of game development. Yes, the game is buggy, as are most survival games, 7 Days, Ark, etc. I still enjoy it.

It’s so sad to see post like these where the sense of entitlement outweighs the understanding of others.

If you pulled mandantory ot every week for the past few months, you would be mentally drained, start hating your job, etc. What makes them any different? This isn’t so much a defense of them (it kinda is) but more of a understanding what it’s like to feel over worked and stressed with all the deadlines you have to meet and customer satisfaction you have to maintain. I’m sure they will all be back refreshed and ready to pump out some minor fixes and content.


I play on ps4 official pvp, I experience no lag. Are you in render of a lot of bases or are you playing on a server hosted in a different country?

ps4 pro us pvp
no bases around at all just location to farm thrall 45sec to 1 mins of render no hosting lol cant even see what lv they are lol just wish the delv team would just say something lol pretty PISSED about crimson flowers not able to use on grinder going on 3rd week already lol

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Oh bud I’ve played those survival game. I’ve dropped well over a thousand hours in 7 days alone, and while it still has its moments where it doesn’t work right, or logically it is a fuсking polished and set gem compared to this dumpster of a game. Ark as well.

It’s very simple, these guys haven’t clue one what they’re doing in the gaming industry. They never have, thus tier continuing level of failure with each new game.

These guys have never had a successful game. Initial sales doesn’t mean shìt when you end up closing it down or people leave in droves by the end of the first month. Funcom is a company of professional failures. I’ve tried to give them chance after chance, first with Anarchy later WI AoC didn’t bother with ecret world now with conan exiles. This was their last for me though. No body I know will buy another game from this developer. They simply do not know what they are doing. That’s not just from the bug/glotch/crash standpoint… The entirety of this game, the design philosophy behind it is absolutely trash. I could give you a list of all the idiotic decisions that were made by their directors. From gear progression to resources, combat, the religion system, PvP, the inclusion of explosives with massive grind to build, ect… All of it is rife with illogical and poorly designed functions and features.

Funcom needs to seek some other avenue than making video games, because clearly they can’t manage it. I don’t even know if I’d trust a free to play mobile game from them at this point.

They mightve rushed this game to look good for last fiscal year, and I hope it was worth is. Because the next one is going to tell a whole different story.


It is odd to me to have an extended vacation all at once. A bank holiday or something of the sort sure, but normally vacations are something you earn and take on your own time…not as a company with like customer support and what not.


I was at the Funcom board meeting when this issue was discussed. "Erm guys were facing a fecal fan interface because of the broke-■■■ game we put out, what shall we do. "I know lets flog some dlc and use the cash we grab to go to Barbados for a month.


Funcom, been 3 weeks since i quit this game, iam Just passing to say It that while u took some vacation a lot players, including me took a perma vacation from ur game haha.


Wow, thats alot of griping about one of the funnest games, and most technologically amazing games, ive ever seen. I got raided while offline, lost stuff due to updates, the whole nine yards. I just built a better base cause its fun. I give these guys major credit for making something so amazing and immersive! If you dont like it, the next best thing to this is D&D, which im sure you’ll complain about anyway…


And if you’re not with me, then to hell with you!! img-2|690x400

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