Enjoying the Game after the May 7 update!

Game mode: Online
Problems - Already posted by someone!
New Npc AI - Marvelous!
Region: Europe

Hello everyone!

I’ve been reading almost all the posts about the last update of May 7! Many if not all, focuses on bugs, butt none states the amazing changes that FunCom as put in the Npcs AI! The game now feels more real! Npcs are not some dumm robots anymore!
Wildlife is more active and we can see more battles between them! The animals charge against you , suddenly chance their target!
They band togheter to attack you! And some more Stuff ! Thank you Funcom!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Hey I have noticed this as well. The thrall fighters finally kick ■■■!!. They go ham, and you don’t have to punch someone to get them to react, it’s a nice change!. I have also seen animals brawling, and the npc mob the thralls like they do us, 6 deep and in a corner, it is more realistic. I am hoping they leave the thralls as is, and do not nerf, it is our only line of defense in a pvp servers as a small clan of 2, versus a clan of 6 etc. Every little bit helps.

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Thank you for your feedback and kind words @OaknStone, we also have several fixes and improvements on the way in the upcoming hotfix specific to the followers, and in the near future we’re addressing Thrall balancing as well.

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