Enough with the arbitrary NERFING!

I dont like the nerfing too , for what they doo this dungeon wich is hard for solo and after you done it you can get nice weapon and armor , but next what they doo is nerfing them , maybe not armor but weapon to point when its only nice looking toy. I only wait when they nerf wine cellar dungeon weapons to the point where you dont want use them enymore , for now only thug scythe and his hummer are some useful ithems , when those from reciple are very weak only nice appearance. Its not balance its just make them useless.
With thrall is similar because they are so powerfull strengh perk was nerfed 20% in total , so now we more offen choose thrall in solo game.

Ok, I understood your point.

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If I have bought 2 copies of the game and all the available dlc am I a valuable player?

I would like most testing on some things but an generally happy about the game so I don’t complain. Even my complaints are trying to bring things to attention. From my time on the forums it looks like the PVP crowd is by far the most vocal and often calling for things to be nerfed because of certain interactions causing problems or being exploited. Avoidable with proper testing.

Now if they could just take my money and make the worldbreaker and annihilator not suck again…


And the lifeblood spear that was a huge pain to grind for and now is really terrible…

I don’t like that style of balance. If PVP needs balancing then adjust the server setting of PVP servers or stop the spawns of busted items.

I don’t want Funcom to discard good content because some jerk found a way to make it OP in a PVP context from his hidden undermesh base all the while rubbing together his greasy hands that have never know the touch of another human being as he similarly hides from the otside world in his mothers basement breathing heavily and surrounded by imported anime figures wearing very little clothes.

I don’t have the time for that, I want this game to be fun not work. Sorry for the rant.

They did not improve dodge. Agility still does barely anything for it. Light and Medium dodge should give you much more distance when dodging. I wish they brought back old dodge as an option in the menu.


I’m gonna get in here and say I love the new dodge mechanics, just not how they look. I liked the heavy armor sidestep mostly because if you’re ever in a life or death conflict you’re not going to stop drop and roll unless you’re on fire lol. But I’m all for the speed and distance of the new Dodge technique, and it seems that theres a moment of invulnerability there so dodging into attacks is possible now.

That being said, there shouldn’t be a “meta” in this game! Make yellow lotus harder to get, improve the bow damage from players, add a sprint attack and a jump attack, and now all weapons are useful and you have to be more tactful with your build rather than plopping a freezer down with some potions and naked bombing one second then being an invincible brute the next. If the stats dont matter then get rid of them.

And enough nerfing weapons. Every weapon is available to everyone. If people don’t like it, go get it. Then you’ll love it.

AND ONE MORE THING lol… What’s the point of the leveling system if all anyone does is power level for a day and then “start playing the real game” at level 60. Just toss it. Make people learn traits and build stats by playing the game. Want to carry more? Keep carrying stuff. Want to climb better? Climb more. Want to survive better? Survive more! And visit the mountaineer. And you canwatch the progress on the stats screen.

Ok I’m done. P.S. I think everyone on here has some great points.


Are you in my room?


Yeah and most of the time the gear they shave isn’t even the most used but when they do need some things such as the lifeblood spear, world breaker, etc it’s annoying

That’s what I’m saying all the time. Give the anti eventlog guys their own server, same with playerlist, harder settings, easier settings, weekend raidtime and so on. So the few who enjoy different stuff can try it there and if it pops off there you can still think about bringing it for everyone/more server and everyone is happy :woman_shrugging:


The problem with funcom and nerfing/new things in the game is simply that they dont really test and they run too quickly to satisfy the crowd instead of figuring a good way to do it first. Like the problems with all the legendary weapons that got killed of instead of balanced. Turning down ALL the stats to make it useless, weow good way of “balancing”. Same with dodging, playerlist and so on.

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The leveling system isn’t there for experienced players. It’s there to teach the newcomers about all that there is in game. Conan Exiles doesn’t have any tutorials, so all you learn comes from: 1) trying to advance during your first playthrough, 2) the wiki, and 3) the “tribal knowledge” shared by other players. It would be much costlier for Funcom to implement a whole slew of tutorials and actual quests, as opposed to journeys and the leveling system.

The Bad Guy is pretty cool IMO.

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The problem is that they are trying to balance a game type that simply can’t be balanced, because imbalance is part of the very structure of the game. Survival games are the multiplayer evolution of single player RPGs. This means they will NEVER be balanced, and you are fooling yourself if you think they will ever be balanced.

By their very nature…the need to put in a lot of time to get anywhere, means that if the Alpha clan is active, and doing what they need to stay the Alpha, you literally have NO chance. Literally. How the heck are you ever going to have a chance if they wipe you every time you are just starting to get somewhere? It takes a lot of time…A LOT OF TIME, to get thralls…level them up…get resources, build Tier 3 structures…farm legendary stuff…gather star metal, etc…

And there is NO hiding in this game, or any survival game for that matter. Just hop on a horse, or do a Grit build, and run around looking for pop ins. You can run this entire map in a short period of time, and investigate every single location to build a base…and like most survival games, they make it such that you have to build big. This game does that even more than other games. At least in ARK and Atlas, I was able to hide chests so that a wipe didn’t get everything. In this game, you can’t do that. A chest on the ground will decay in a short period of time. The last time I placed one down, it said it would decay in 1 hour.

Honestly, the most fun I have had in a survival game was on a private Atlas server that was running in a PvE-C manner. You could not destroy people’s bases, but you could sink their ships at sea. The ships were invulnerable once green anchored at your home island, but at sea, they were fair game. This was fun…a lot of fun.

Here’s how this would play out tho that makes this exact situation unbalanced “this cannon” would probably 1 or 2 shot players, that’s neither fun to go against or fun to use(in most situations) at this point, they should just dedicate to a part of the player base to solely make happy or make changes different from each type of server.

I think a key part of all this is how much of a difference it is fighting players compared to world creatures. None of the weapons that are OP in pvp are that insanely good for world creatures… but I’m not sure there really is a way to keep both parts balanced as both depend on two major different core parts of the game. The axe of violence is a perfect example, was op to the point of being broken in pvp(randomly 1 shotting someone) while in normal content, it was just a nice damage boost. I honestly don’t know how to go about making both sides balanced…

You forgot journey steps. There’s no need for the leveling system, all it does is inhibit new players for a little until they figure out the mechanics of the game.

That “training period” is accomplished through 1 the sandstorm and 2 The journey steps and of course 3 the purge/being raided. What does being low level help you learn that the survival elements and Journey steps dont? Why not have people earn perks and attributes through gameplay rather than level up and then picking what they want? And then the yellow lotus could have a more important function. Make yellow Lotus more rare, or the recipe something you dont just get from learning the firebowl cauldron, and now we have a game of strategy and survival!

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I have suggested as much before. The leveling is antiquated game play from the 90’s and D&D styles.
I feel the recipes should be learned by exploring. Multiple areas and camps with “teachers” to allow one to learn everything in the recipe menu. Even cost based on tier trying to learn. And would still have to learn the tree in order. IE, to get star metal tools recipe, it would require you to know hardened steel tools, as it is now. And i like the idea of perks being learned as well. Maybe they could be “taught” as well. They are non active until learned. so one would have all 390 att points at beginning, but non of the perks. As they learn them, they become available in the slots they are in now. Interesting, and way more immersive style to get what you want.


I didn’t forget them, I mention them at the end – they go hand in hand with levels. What I think is the idea behind the progression being gated through levels is to give players concrete goals. Journeys give them one set of goals, locked feats another.

Not that I think that’s the best way to do it. I prefer your idea:

That would be awesome. But I think leveling and journeys are cheaper. Earning perks through gameplay implies the need for quests oriented towards the learning and earning :slight_smile:

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It could be as simple as teachers in the cities. NPC could “teach” the perk by narrating a story of Conan, and how he used the perk to slay an enemy. Skip-able of course if you are re-leveling or heard the story 100 time. This would immerse it more than kill, kill, kill to watch a bar go up.


Different folks, different strokes. On my first playthrough, I would’ve found it rather unsatisfactory to just run to point A and talk to a teacher, then run to point B and talk to another teacher.

One of my favorite Conan Exiles updates was the one that introduced Jhebbal Sag religion and Midnight Grove. I like that so much more than just talking to Nunu, Mek-Kamoses, Muriela, Yakira and the Outcast.

I wouldn’t mind replacing the leveling system with a series of challenges, as long as the challenges are more than just “go to a place and chat with a dude”.

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