Enough with the arbitrary NERFING!

@WhatMightHaveBeen @CodeMage. I think we’re going down the right track now! I think keeping the attributes as a passively improved aspect rather than a point buy system would really drive you to find your nitch too, much like Skyrim. Having a special way “yellow Lotus” to rebuild you’re character is of course a must but I think it needs to be more difficult to obtain.

That leads me to exactly how much I agree that the Jhebal Sag dungeon, and dungeons like it, is how I would prefer to earn perks! Of course have some learned naturally by playing.

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Dina is an archer? My Freya doesn’t want to sword things either.

The problem lies in that if you start making it quest oriented, it could make it harder to get the simple things. I for one would like that. But i know others that do not want CE to become a quest game. That is why i suggested at minimum something where it made you explore, and the teaching would just be the driving force. Anything better than kill,kill, kill and then pick points. My suggestion would keep the feat points as is, just the recipe availability behind “finding” the teacher, etc. But if they implemented (not holding my breath lol) a more quest driven thing where you had to trade x for the lesson, i would be okay as well.


The only problem with this, is it exacerbates imbalance…the imbalance that I mentioned in the post above, that seems to have been ignored. Imbalance is a huge problem with these games, and the very reason that these games start out with an excited and numerous community, but quickly lose numbers. People don’t stick with these games because they feel like they are spinning their wheels. Just as you start to get somewhere, you get wiped by a group that is more established, and or has players that simply have a lot more time to put into the game, and time is the more important element in these games, because it takes time to get stronger…and these changes would make it take even more time to get what you need to compete with established clans.

The problem with these games is that there is such a huge power difference between established clans, and newer clans to the server. A 10 person clan that becomes the Alpha, has a lot of time to play, and is aggressive about attacking the other clans, can NEVER be toppled. People can try to argue against that, but any example they try to give does not meet the criteria I just gave. I have played on servers where the Alpha does not meet those criteria, and where they do, and when they do, you have no chance…at all. Making it take longer to get what you need to contend with established clans, and or, Alpha clans, only exacerbates that problem.

Edit- I should note that it does not take a 10 person clan to be an Alpha that cannot be toppled. They just need enough players putting in enough time in order to have what they need to keep hitting, and wiping, the lesser clans before those clans can become strong enough to fight back.

In actuality, it would be quicker, as you have you full atts, just minus perks and feats. You could concetrate on getting the perks and recipes you want, instead of powerleveling (sometimes from scratch with no help) just so you can have a decent build. Imagine you get on a new server, you spread out your full 390 points. how much faster would you be able to go get what you need to start prepping for being raided? The recipes and perks would be spread in the cities, based on area as it is now. Sure, they could camp them, but you only need to visit and get the necessary stuff. If you are seasoned, then you do this anyways, just with the first 4-8 hours at a severe str and vit disadvantage. I am suggesting to remove that wait and just make perks and recipes learned, and you as a veteran can go get the ones you need to have a fighting chance day 1.


I guess I didn’t see it that way because we can power level to 60 in a couple of days, if we are aggressive about it. Thus we then have everything unlocked that we need. Taking some of those things we need, and putting them in many different quests that we now have to complete, in order to get them, seems like a lot longer to me. A lot longer.

Honestly, there’s no reason why it has to be that way. I think of the power-leveling to 60 that we have now as a form of a speedrun. If you replace the current leveling system with a quest-based one, there’s no reason we couldn’t speedrun through those, too. At least, there’s no theoretical reason. Practical reasons are many, but they basically all boil down to “making carefully curated gameplay experiences is harder and more expensive” :slight_smile:

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It would depend on how many things are placed into “quests”, how hard those quests are, how linear the progression is, how many quests it takes to get everything, and how time consuming each quest is. Does a quest take over an hour to complete, but only gives you a tiny fraction of what you get now? That could turn into weeks or months, depending on how it is done, even when you are trying to power through those quests as fast as you can.

The guy above also noted something above…the ability to camp just one of the more important items, to keep people from getting to that ability. Something that is not possible for them to do now…nothing important anyway. Sure, they could camp the Sunken City to prevent you from getting improved fish traps, but that’s not very important. Not worth the time to camp. But what about something that prevents people from getting Flawless Epic Armor, or improved Blacksmith, or Armorer’s Bench? That might be worth camping.

This is a very frustrating statement.

It has nothing to do with PvP or not.

I’ve played MMOs since before there was an internet (when we called them different acronyms). EVERYBODY is whiny and doesn’t like their favorite thing to be messed with, or someone else’s favorite thing to be more powerful than theirs.

Please don’t start slinging ugliness and divisiveness that will cloud a legitimate issue.

Game design is hard, often things are unbalanced, and things need to get adjusted. If one ‘thing’ is demonstrably significantly better than something else of comparable cost/risk, then it should be adjusted. And that’s not whining or crying.

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I hunt obsidian nodes for players regularly for this very reason. That’s my gold! :wink:

My suggestion is not really a quest, just recipes scattered in current cities, camps etc. palces that are no build zones. And it could be in multiple.

Sure they could camp, but you could run a legit 30 str,30 vit,30 grit out of the gate. The only real advantage they have is gear. and good enough fighters can counter that. I have seen it before, where my clan has melee’d with basic armor and stone daggers. Bleed is a powerful tool. Plus, if you are on for less than an hour, they have way more to lose in a fight. If you win, they just kitted you up. Right now, hunting noobs is easy, as they have no stats and no gear. Making it uphill just to power level if an alpha wants to be toxic.

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Right. Thats exactly why leveling is arbitrary at best and practically rhetorical. Just get rid of it, its a very small hurdle and a waste of time.

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Thral system is just broken in general. Their AI is horrible… but your thals are not even close to end game thrals. Frost giant and red mother are completly different NPC’s with different health pool.

One being normal mob, other being boss. Once you get volcano / purge thrals you will see why it needs nerfs.

As soon as you get your hands on thrall from purge well it’s basicly game over for anyone and anything because they are easily able to one shot player and destroy endgame bosses like nothing.

So I agree with you, and I think it’s a big mistake for funcom to focus on the PVP, the ARP PVP players themselves complain a lot that the Wild Card focuses 90% on PVE and 10% on PVP, and because that, because they are smart, and they even say that, the PVP players say they know that they do it because the PVE players are an overwhelming majority, because the PVE players are the ones who spend money on the game and play for the long term, for we keep our bases and improving, expanding, collecting, it’s very smart to focus on PVE, I don’t understand why funcom wants to do it differently.

Not that the PVP should be forgotten, nobody should be forgotten, but funcom’s attitudes to focus on the PVP as the main focus and the PVE only bear the losses is crazy, I mean even childish and suicidal.

Funcom is a very talented company, what they managed to do with “little money” in the beginning is brilliant, the game has an incredible base, but there is a lot to do in it in the long run, I already did all 3 dungeons of the game about 100 times each, the lack of “life” and what to do on this giant and empty map is unbelievable, we run through a beautiful and giant map, but empty and still, and the feeling of “loneliness” and lack of danger is constant.

Funcom lacks someone who manages the gameplay of the game, not the PVP but the game as a whole, what people who play in PVP and PVE will do when they are playing alone, what challenges are there and what challenges are we going to add in the next few days, there needs to be a person managing that we will not be 3 months without anything NEW added to the game as it will happen now on January 5th complete 3 incredible months without anything NEW added to the game.

As a result, once again Conan loses the opportunity to keep up, I follow the numbers and I see that Conan was battling high numbers of players, it has already started to drop dramatically again, so the effort to recover these players again is very difficult, so why not keep them always playing ?, always with a new little challenge, a cool little novelty that involves players who already play, and not expecting big news that will possibly attract people again, or not this is a very dangerous move.

As I have reported in other forums, what is lacking in funcom is working in a world that “sustains” itself, that is a living and renewable and functioning biome, and not this “singleplay” game system of NPCs waiting for the player arrive, in a game of survival the environment, the world is the protagonist, there is no story and the good guy and the villain, the biome in which you survive is the protagonist of the game, this open world, this biome, needs to be really alive and exist part of its existence, as it is in most games of the type, I even understand that funcom there in the beginning in 2016 - 2017 didn’t have enough potential to do that, or even time since the rest of the game was a priority.

But for MAPA NOVO where the game is already done, all mechanics already exist I really hope they create an open world that really matches 2020, a rich world, full of creatures and dense, where the world is the protagonist and you be part of this living and existing world and not that the world is “assembled” when you pass it with NPCs stuck in their positions, I hope to witness wars of enemy NPCs and even get in the middle of them, really populated and functioning taverns, with NPCs living in this world, not a bar with 3 NPCs dancing inside and Conan glued there waiting for you, in 2017 this was acceptable, in 2020 NO!

I really hope that funcom is really focused on making this new map a great experience of evolution to the game, as if it were Conan 2, and that everyone feels worth buying this DLC, and that it speaks to the other players, "look I bought it and it was worth it, next year if they release a new map I will buy it again "and so the game will remain current and relevant over time as it does ARK 4 years ago.

At this moment, fumcom doesn’t know if it knows, but it is literally shaping its destiny, this new map will be the watershed between the total failure of the game or the total glory that will define the “relevance durability” of this Conan world in face of the new generation that arrives in months.

I really hope that they are really focused on surprising, and shutting up those who said it would just be a money-making move, I am part of the team that is optimistic and wants to give funcom the opportunity to work, to do something big with Conan and those who know how to start making a new annual map, all of this will depend on what they are going to make us NOW, and especially if they will have the intelligence of ARK to “connect the maps by portals”, in the case of Conan by obelisks, I hope they don’t make the same mistake as the Horse to put the control by the keyboard and not by the mouser and imagine that agent wants something “difficult” as he is playing different games on different maps, no one will want to play 2 or several maps in the future at random, I hope that in the same way that they should know that we wanted a horse to be a horse, a simple and quick means of locomotion, that it wasn’t a follower, that didn’t fight, and that I could go with my slave warriors with the horse, just a simple horse that you climb on it and continue to guide through the mouser, easy fast and practical, I hope the horse’s mistake so obvious do not repeat if the maps are not linked by the obelisk or the map room.


I played Ark. I played Atlas. I played 7D2D. And I played Conan on PvP. Know why so many people go to PvE? Wipes. People get tired of getting wiped. Know why most people get wiped? Time. Most people don’t have time to invest in the game, to keep up with the Alpha Clans, and they get tired of getting wiped by 7 guys when they have 1 or 2 people online. Many people I know, are getting tired of survival games. They get tired of the rinse and repeat of starting over constantly. Some move to PvE, but some see no point in the game if it is just PvE. So, they quit the game completely. Many I have talked to say they see the pattern…they get hyped about a new game…jump in and have fun for a short time, and then get wiped, and the rinse and repeat begins. Then they went to PvE to see the end game content. But they want some PvP also.

On an unofficial Atlas server, they set it up with 3 game modes. PvE, PvP, and SvS. The first two are just like the official servers. SvS means Ship vs Ship. In Atlas, when you anchor at your home island, or an Ally’s island, the white anchor symbol changes to green after 30 minutes. In official the ship becomes much much harder to sink. On this server, it became invulnerable. It was much like PvE-C, in Conan, except that the ships which you build, could be sunk while at sea.

So this is how the server worked. Each grid is its own server with its own rules as determined by the owner of the server cluster. On the PvP, it was just that, full PvP with rules the same as Official. PvE was the same as official PvE rules. In other words, when you entered that grid, you were playing by the rules of that grid. If you were a PvP player and went into a PvE grid, you were in PvE mode. Same for a PvE player who sailed into a PvP grid. The only exception here is that PvE players were only allowed to explore, do treasure maps, harvest resources, tame animals, etc… They were NOT allowed to conduct raids on PvP bases. Doing so would get you wiped and banned, so nobody did it.

In between those two server types was SvS. Just like PvE-C except that your ships could be sunk, you could be killed, and your animals could be killed during combat hours. Structures were safe all day every day.

You were only allowed to create a base in one server type. You could have more than one base, but they had to be in the same server types. So if in PvP, you could only base in PvP. This to avoid exploiting by hiding your good stuff in a PvE, or SvS grid. If a PvE player sailed into an SvS Grid, they could attack shipping. In PvP they could only attack ships if attacked first. This was on the honor system.

Anyway, after a long time, they did a survey. If they only went to one mode, which would you want, PvP, SvS, or PvE. The overwhelming majority wanted SvS. PvP and PvE had equal amounts of votes, but way behind SvS.

What this tells me is that Survival games need to find a way to make the game about something other than raiding and wiping bases. They need to find a way to make bases safe, but still find a way for you to have to risk something as you play the game. That’s what SvS did. You didn’t have to worry about losing everything you had built up, but to play the game, you had to sail ships, an while sailing your ships, you could be sunk, and lose everything you had on that ship. You and your animals could be killed on your island, during combat hours, or while at sea…or on Lawless islands, where PvP was 24/7. Any structure you build on the Lawless Island was able to be attacked and destroyed, 24/7.

I play PvE-C. It might as well be PvE, because nobody ever attacks anyone. FUNCOM needs to find a way to make a reason players will definitely want to attack each other. Maybe some kind of essence you can only get from harvesting the bodies of player?

In SvS, players attacked ships on sight, normally. It was the point of the game. You built ships to fight them. But you didn’t have to worry about imbalance causing your base to get wiped, and you having to start over with nothing. I wish Conan was more like that. I wish ALL survival games were like that. Every survival game I have played, raiding bases is just way too easy, if you have numbers, and people who play A LOT. The imbalance is too extreme, and that chases players away. People will only be your punching bag for so long before the find something better to do.

I’m tired of having to choose between PvE, which makes a lot of the game content, meaningless, or PvP where somebody who has twice the time to play that I do, can easily wipe me as a result. I want something in between. PvE-C sounded good, but there is no reason to PvP, so nobody does.


Or find good PVP server (there is not lot of them), which have decend comunity, no raid timer (you can be ganked like no tomorow - but thrals are active all the time), gather a lot of thrals/pets and profit. :slight_smile:

And if you spend time to level up your thralls to 20 then your base is basicly untouchable just because how much OP those thralls are

Wait are you complaining that your thrall cannot kill bosses as fast as it used to? are you really complaining about that?

@jot29 - Actually, no, that’s not my problem at all. I used the example of Frost Giants as a benchmark wherein my leveled to 20 named thrall with strength of 70 to 80 can kill them in 3 or 4 strokes. Prior to the thrall leveling system, my named fighter thralls with the same sword would take about a dozen strokes to kill them.
And thanks, Captain Obvious LOL, I know the Red Mother has much more HP to chew through than the Frost Giants. My point is after (once again) nerfing the thralls potency, my uber strong fighter hews away at the Red Momma with only the tiniest of chips, whereas the his/hers hits used to take a noticeably larger chip off that HP, hence it seems about the same as using any old named thrall prior to leveling.
Otherwise, I’m not sure what you mean by “end-content” thralls - I am referring to a specific variety of named tier IV thralls, leveled to max 20.

I and others have pitched this idea to minimize off lining. We know the logic is there, it is how it determines thrall decay. Currently it looks for last Clan player online, resets timer to 1 or 2 weeks for all thralls across map. Same code could be used to set the HP of all buildings. After 30 minutes, they go up 50% (100,000 HP becomes 150,000 HP), after 1 hour they go 100% (double to 200,000 HP), after 2 hours they quadruple (400,000 HP). Could one still offline? Yes. But the resources cost starts to go up to be almost counter productive. You cold do this for thralls HP and stats as well. While online, the thralls are slightly weaker than they are now (reduce the damage and by 25%). Then, using the same build up, by 2 hours after last log out of clan, thralls are double what they are now. Deters off-lining.


In line with original post, i think it all goes back to not enough time in the kitchen. They need to test longer and in more circumstances (especially pvping). Most weapons im really tired of them nerfing… Until this bow nonsense. Anytime someone can two shot you easily from outside striking range is ridiculous and this needs to be taken down.

Im not a fan of nerfs, but i strongly feel more testing is needed before adding something in.

Bows used to suck… Now its op… Please find a balance Funcom BEFORE launching.