Entering New Dawn cutscene super choppy/laggy

Title says it all. Lot’s of free frame when entering NJ, and the subtitles started out of sync with the voice over.

The compound is named “New Dawn”. New Jerusalem is a joke/turn of phrase. :stuck_out_tongue:
It may be that you’re downloading background data and the SAF playfield hasn’t fully loaded in yet.

hey there - i have been replaying the missions and even second time around the Che scene walking you to the gates remains very choppy / inconsistent for me. All data should be there already from first time around, so could this still be caused by something else ?

I have a similar issue with the cutscene for “Foulfellow and Gideon” as well as “Cult of Personality”, they’re both choppy in places. Also, Che and my clothes will occasionally show up as low texture even though it was high texture just a second before, so loading in doesn’t make sense for that.

I kind of think this is a known issue, that opening cinematic once you get inside the compound, everyone has low poly/res/texture clothing, even in close-up. Like they tried everything to reduce the chop, even forcing the clothing models to low.

Seems to have only effected the story version of the cutscene, all 3 of my alts have low res texture clothing when talking to [someone] outside the player’s hut in the foundling zone. But during the ‘Cult of Personality’ mission (lets you replay this cutscene), their clothing is normal. Still some chop in the scene but not more than I expect with this engine, the same happens to Helen Bannerman’s introduction to Kingsmouth which has similar multi location establishing shots.